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Build-a-Pi FAQ

Why is it called Build-a-Pi

When the kids were little they loved a place called Build a Bear. If you aren't familiar, it was a store where a child could pick and choose the pieces/parts to build their very own unique teddy bear. Then the employees would build the bear before your very eyes. My script gives you the same type options by allowing the end user to choose what ham radio apps they want installed on their pi. I have seen many a ham's eyes light up while their pi is being built automagically, much like the kids watching their bear be constructed.

Where are the Build-a-Pi install videos?

Installing Build-a-Pi | Build-a-Pi Q&A Video | Build-a-Pi Setup | What to Install & Why

Where can I download Build-a-Pi?

Everything you need is on GitHub

Can I run the script multiple times?

Yes. From the main Pi menu, choose Ham Radio, then Build a Pi, then Update tool. With the update tool you can update current software or install anything you wish.

Can I change my username on a pi built with Build-a-Pi?

Yes! Beginning with Build a Pi 3.2.4 you can choose any user name you like.

What size SD card is required to install Build-a-Pi?

It's possible to install everything on a 8gb card. It will consume around 80% of an 8gb card. I recommend no smaller that a 16gb card and a 32gb card is what I use.

Can I run build-a-pi over an SSH connection

No. Build-a-pi needs a desktop environment to run. You will need to log into the desktop and run from a terminal on the desktop.

What's apps are included with Build-a-Pi script?

Scroll to the bottom of this page & see What to Install & Why

Where can I find a description of Build-a-Pi apps?

The answer is near the bottom of this page. It is also listed next to each application during the Build a Pi v3 install. I also recommend the video What to Install & Why

Did you drop support for the real time clock (RTC)?

No but it isn't available during the initial install of Build a Pi v3. You will need to use the update script after the initial build to install the RTC.

Does the real time clock (RTC) need to be connected before running Build-a-Pi?

Yes. The RTC module needs to be connected to the GPIO pins prior to running the Build-a-Pi update script. This allows us to confirm the connection is good between the pi and the RTC during install.

How do I get past the "configuring xastir" screen?

The mouse will not work on this screen to make selections. You will need to use the keyboard to make your selections. Use the TAB key to move the selection and the ENTER key to select. If the TAB/ENTER keys are not working, use the mouse to click on the window and then use the TAB/ENTER keys to make the selection.

The GPS isn't working after install.

Check out the GPS Q&A page.

The hotspot isn't working after install

See the Hotspot FAQ page

Where can I post a bug report?

Please report bugs on this page

Where can I request additional apps to be included in the next version?

Please post your request on this page

During install I see this error.

(yad:967): dbind-WARNING **: 12:34:33.066: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files. What should I do?

This is a YAD warning that pops up from time to time. Not everyone will see this. It should not do any harm as long as you can see the dialog box that allows you to choose the apps you wish to install.

HELP!! Failed to execute child process "xterm" (No such file or directory)

This isn't specific to Build a Pi but the fix has been documented here.

I have another question about the build-a-pi script

Checkout the Build-a-Pi Q&A Video and the Setup Video or post in the forum


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