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At time of writing, the @BotOfChanges is the only I Ching Bot on Twitter. We aim to keep it the most pleasant source for the I Ching's wisdom in your Twitter stream - by constantly tweaking its features, and being responsive to improvements from its users. Just send us a tweet!

If you would like to recieve wise quotes from the I Ching (as well as other sources of wisdom, like the Tao Te Ching) follow our sister account @WiseQuotesToGo.


Daily Forecasts

Asking a Public Question

Asking a Private Question

Our Methods


Daily Forecasts

We produce two Daily Forecasts: one just before 7am (London GMT), and another 12 hours later.

You can be informed of the Daily Forecasts via smartphone notifications or SMS using Twitter's native tweet notifications.

Prefer to get a single Daily Forecast, at a time of your chosing? Or want your results in a different format? You can tweak your own by using IFTTT (tip- use the Buffer channel to include @ mentions).

Asking a Public Question

Send a tweet to the bot and it will answer. The results can be modified by adding optional hashtags to tweets:

#Classic - Not currently required. This is the default, with familiar coin/yarrow odds that any particular line is a changing one

#HexagramOnly - Returns just a single, random hexagram (no changing lines)

#SingleLineOnly - Returns a single hexagram with just one changing line

Deciphering the Results

To decipher your answer, just go to the link in our bio - and read the chapter and line numbers mentioned in your reply.

More information on how to post a question correctly, and to accurately decipher your answers here.

If you come up with an interesting alternate use for this service - such as creating art or music - send us a tweet!

Asking a Private Question

Some people may want a private reading by a human experienced in interpreting the I Ching's answers. This can be useful for those who want an objective interpretation, to avoid some common mistakes, or just to hear an answer in plain English.

If this sounds like you, send us a Direct Message (DMs are kept open to everybody), and we'll forward you the next step.

The cost of personalized readings are $10 (via PayPal), and this helps support our service - thank you!

Our Methods

Yarrow or coin method? Our bot and humans use both. Send us a tweet if you would like to know which one is currently being used.

The original method - casting trigram-engraved bones - has long been lost to us, and likely used a third, very different probability system than either yarrow sticks or coins can produce.

We have recently found persuasive the argument that Wang Xu's coin method (from the 9th Century) actually predates the yarrow technique (which is a 12th Century recreation).

Whilst modern probability theory didn't exist in early China, the coins' equal yang and yin probabilities seems to match the balance - and mathematical symmetry - underlying the original hexagrams.

Yarrow sticks add in a slight "moving yang/static yin" bias - which perhaps once had a cultural (patriarchal) resonance.

Fortunately, whichever method is used, both coin and yarrow methods return insightful answers.


Our preferred translation is the classic Richard Wilhelm translation, which you can find in any good bookstore.

For this guide we have referred to the excellent Biroco, which also has some insightful thoughts about the various methods of divination one can use, and some useful things to avoid when consulting the I Ching.

This bot is hosted by the great Cheap Bots Done Quick, and is based on a probability analysis provided in many places, but neatly summed up here.

Happy Tweeting!

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