Your SEO guide in finding long tail keyword phrases

Keywords are the major reasons a user will land on your website. Your search engine ranking and the query the user puts forward combines to form the reasons why someone will visit your website if you are not Google or Amazon. The key to winning at this combination is search engine optimization. Single word keywords have a lot less chances for you to be found as you will be a needle in the haystack. Therefore long keywords give you a better chance of being found. The post will give you thorough insight on the methods to find long keyword phrases in order to enhance your search engine ranking.

Where to get the long-tail keywords Here are some methods and places by which you can find long tail keywords:

Google related keywords Google is your best friend when it comes to finding the right combination of words. When you search with one or two keywords, it gives you a list of related searches at the end of the page. Those are the most searched phrases which includes your one or two word search.

Use them to find the long tail keyword that you require Competitor watch There is a very good possibility that your competitor has already done this research and you can just skim it off his content. Check out the keywords your competitor has targeted to gain search ranking points. You can use simple software available online to analyze the set of words most used by your competitor.

Forums All the searches, tools and software generated automated keywords based upon an algorithm. However, the queries and replies by human users on separate blogs and forums are the best source of updated long tail keywords. Most SEO expertsmiss this trick as it is not a conventional one. You can get to know exactly what the bulk of your target audience wants and then you can use it to optimize your content.

Professional tools Of course, there is pool of professional tools you can use to help you out. However, the tools are as good as their operator. Therefore, smart tool management is essential in order to find the right long tail keywords for SEO compatibility of your content with your website design.

You need to be extra cautious when working with different tools and software for keyword search. The long tail keywords have a smaller search volume so you have to be extra careful while deciding on the words to be used and their frequency in your content.

The final word: compatible content When you have found the right set of words to form the long tail keyword, wrap you content around them. However, make sure that the content supports the idea of your long tail keywords. If the two are not in sync, the user will stop visiting your website. Lowering the amount of traffic on your website lowers your search engine ranking as well. Hence you have to be careful that the job doesn’t finish just after finding the key words.