to german version was ist a1.easyGoing

multiEngine@easyGoing and iNet TasksPro, in interaction

Darstellung von a1.easyGoing (muliEngine@easyGoing) in einer Minute:

Kommunikation, E-mail, Chat, Telefon. Recording, Internet / Intarnet, drive, arbeiten und surfen, optimiertem Workflow mit multiEngine@easyGoing und iNet-TasksPro, systemübergreifend Alles von einer einzigen Seite, "a1.easyGoing" ohne diverse client und apps aufrufen zu müssen. das alle sicher end zu end verschlüsselt in deinem eigenen intranet und über unseren VPN server in island ins internet.

Wir ermöglichen für privat oder beruflich die optimale Computernutzung in Arbeitsabläufen, Kommunikation, Archivierung und intelligenter Aufgabenverwaltung, über die du nicht mehr nachdenken musst, weil der Prozess automatisch abläuft.

This is freedom for the brain.

Look at most of the desktops. They are filled with a hotchpotch of files. That is not using your computer in a smart way, that's treasure hunt.

Create a document, flick through email. Check it, make a decision, drive it forth and forget it. It'll come back to you when you need it.

This is all synchronized with all your devices automatically and safe over any distance.

Your files belong to you and not to any cloud of which you don't know who owns it. This is an unrestricted workflow

By the way, multiEngine@easyGoing has many more tools which make your life with the computer and the Internet easier

Alternatively, presentation in 1 sentence:

multiEngine@easyGoing is computing easy like it has never been before, with maximum safety, in sync with all your devices and systems from anywhere in the world.

end 1-sentence-presentation

in detail

What is it all about? It is daft to work with 4 different archives and filing systems

  1. email system
  2. web documents (bookmark system)
  3. document system
  4. Note system

which don't allow a smooth document and task management, and much less if working across platforms and independently of the various operating systems.

There are also the different communication systems including their various apps which have to be embedded separately on each operating system.

To work reasonably consistently, expensive additional systems would required which had to be operated and maintained by even more expensive administrators. All that would work on one system each only and possibly without any safety. With the whole thing taking place on the clouds of the big Internet companies most of the times, it is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Safety and confidentiality is something else entirely.

For the individual user or a small business, it is not practicable, as for their lack of specialized knowledge and funds.

What do I want?

I want

1. to place any kind of incoming and outgoing documents in a folder structure on an external medium right away into an inactive file at their final, central place where they can be tagged.

2. to send emails, texts, images, voice mails, music files, movies, videos etc. by a single click from any device and any operating system, from anywhere to a a central task management.

3. this task management to automatically convert the incoming files into tasks and inform me by email right after.

4. this task management to automatically send the tasks to any calendar which automatically reminds me of what I have to do at the given time. I want to be able to move this task and attach any files, URLs, and to open an email out of this task and send it.

this task management should have the following functions

5. to open any file from the archive folders in any editor anywhere to handle/process it further with the emails being openable in the original format or PDF.

6. not to have to upload any additional apps or software onto any system, and to be able to do all this from any device, any system, any any point in the world.

7. above all, to carry my own cloud around with me in my bag.

I want my data to remain my property, be safe and hidden from view to be sent from one place to another. This is the least internet users should get without being bombarded permanently with advertising.

For all this, I am willing to pay an adequate monthly contribution.

As, unfortunately, none of these corporations are in a position and able to offer me this at the moment, we have made it our mission to offer all this to anyone for a small monthly contribution.

Pre-conditions and description

Documents, emails, media files:

All incoming and outgoing documents, emails, media files that need to be archived should principally NOT be stored on the computer system, but in an archive file system on:

at least and at any rate ONE easyGoing stick/minicomputer (mobile cloud/safe data medium). In addition it is recommended to do the same

1. on an external hard drive or
2. the own NAS (Network Attached Storage) or
3. if it is for a business, an absolutley safe cloud (eg easyGoing SFTP server, location Ireland).

benefit of this structure:

1. In the event of an infection or a change of the computer system, or computer, it is easy to access the data without any big effort.
2. This enables simple access of your own data via the network or via mobile devices.

Simple archiving in a file system within the workflow being synchronised automatically with all your devices backed up in blockchain

Examplary process of workflows:

emails, documents, etc.

Any email and document which is to be archived will be placed in the related folder at "save as" with emails being automatically saved as "name.eml" (on clicking an .eml file, it opens in the original email format).

Any emails and documents which have to be processed or put on date/re-submission are automatically forwarded via secret easyGoing email address to the iNet TasksPro system.
Immediately after archiving, emails may be deleted in the mail client or on the mail server (this has the mail client overseeably empty).

Since iNet TasksPro may automatically be linked up with most calendar systems regardless of the system used, you will, at the due date, automatically be reminded of what has to be edited or moved by the calendar.

Here is the graph of the workflow scheme

With such a simple system it is easy to install an efficient search function using eg. tags which are supported by the current operating systems or can at least be set up with a small tag program.

With multiEngine@easyGoing there will neither be a mess of documents again nor a daily email horror or missed appointments.

Simplicity, clarity, saving time and freedom from stress with multiEngine@easyGoing.