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> Planned launch of the Japanese/International MMX (Martian Moons eXploration) mission (rover) to Phobos or Deimos.

> BepiColombo Mercury gravity assist.

] GOES-R weather satellite launch.

> BepiColombo Mercury gravity assist.

2 0 2 4 - T.B.D:
# Russia plans to undock its modules from the ISS to form a Russian space station.

> Possible launch of Russia's Luna 25 (Luna-Glob Lander) to the Moon's south pole.

- Possible first launch of the heavy version of the Northrup Grumman OmegA launcher from KSC Pad 39B.

+# Planned first crewed mission of Russia's new 'Federation' spacecraft to the ISS.

Planned launch of IMAP (Interstellar Mapping And Acceleration Probe) to the Sun-Earth L1 point.

+> possible SLS block 1b (+EUS) / Artemis 3 launch carrying a 4-person to dock with the Lunar Gateway, transfer to a Lunar Lander and fly to the Moon's surface.
The EUS (Exploration Upper Stage) is powered by 4 Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10 engines.