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Want to try:
Angel & Harlequin Bistro (Spinkhill, Sheffield S21 3YB).
[Marco at Milano] Sheffield (Not tried yet).

03/07/2013 £105.85(Amazon Mastercard)(Cinema with Cheryl, Laura & Gemma to see Superman). "George1"


Galleon steak house chesterfield.
Really nice, but £80 for two people was a bit over the top!
We both had starters, I had garlic mushrooms which were the best I have ever had, Chez had the prawn and salmon cocktail. Our steaks were cooked to perfection but served on chopping boards. I had a pint of Peroni and helped Cheryl with a bottle of wine. Overall a really nice place to eat, but at over £80 there's plenty of other places to go back to rather than here which is a shame because the food was spot on.

ecclesall road, Sheffield, England

''Half Moon''
Chesterfield Road, Whitwell Common Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 3EE

My review:
We used to go quite often on dinner break from work, but ran out of time a couple of times due to slow service so don't bother now.
Quite cheap - two meals for a tenner. However you get what you pay for. Don't go expecting anything nice and posh as it's just standard microwave pub snap.
The outside looks as chavvy as hell with a million signs plastered everywhere.
It's got a small patio area & kids play area outside so nice to sit out in the sun (even has music outside with a small speaker on the wall - nice little touch). you obviously have to drive there are there are no footpaths to it.
£3 a pint of john smiths! Too hot inside no aircon. Cheap and nasty microwave food.
Good points: It's not just open in the evening like most places so handy to nip in for dinner. Kids play area, outdoor seating area (although it's not that nice).
Bad points: Expensive, too hot inside during the summer.

Gaz's forum:

''Arena Square - Table table.''
No John Smiths.
Had Chorizo & cheese topped chicken, Cheryl had Steak came to £22.48
For two of us with free drinks refills thanks to Cheryl signing up on their website before we came. Free Wifi, but it wouldn't let me on any sites.
Had to go to the bar to order food as no one came to ask what we wanted. Nice fake fire to sit next to. Background music was just at right volume, except it sempt to be 90's chart rubbish.

Sandros: link.
Review: Sandros
We visited Wednesday 27th March 2013 last, have been 4 or 5 times before, but this visit was naff.

Great fun place to eat. Beer is expensive, but isn’t it everywhere these days :( There wasn’t a free table as we didn’t book so off we wandered else where…. a few minutes later the waiter followed us down the road and caught up with us saying they did manage to get a table for us and let us in. Proper good service.
Went again for the second time Saturday 21st Jan 2012. £13 per head wasn’t too bad, but was still hungry and ended up having a kebab later. lol

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Think the first time I went was 2007.
Down side:
Plastic plates, makes it feel a bit tacky.
They don't sell John Smiths either. Also no longer do twice baked potatoes an no pepercorn sauce for your steak :(
Drinks prices are high, but not much more compared to most places.
Good points: Cocktail happy hours - cheap round if your taking the Mrs.
Food is expensive for what you get. Can be annoying keep hearing happy birthday sung every 2 mins and there's always plenty of annoying kids in.
think the last time we went it cost about £50 for two of us. Was still starving when I left. Would not recommend.

Cactus Jacks, Doncaster:
Love the ice cold jugs full of John Smiths. Great steak too.
Visited June 2010

The Venus, Dinnington.
Laughton Road, Sheffield S25 2PL
+44 19095 62455 · British
· Mon - Fri12:00 - 21:00
· Sat18:00 - 21:00
· Sun12:00 - 15:00
Only been here two or three times now. Don't ask for a Guinness as it comes out of a can :(
Food was really good though, got loads!
Quite pricey, but didn't leave hungry.
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''Monk's Bridge Farm Pub Restaurant, Dinnington''
Been here a few times, the ploughmans was weird. Plenty of salad, but grated cheese!? What's that all about. We were sat inside on a really hot day. There wasn't any air con and it was boiling. It does have outdoor seating and a kids play area, but you couldn't sit outside to eat. OK place for families.
Took my dad for belated fathers day: 16/06/2013 cost £45.74for 6 people was great value round of drinks £12.68.

''The Mossbrook, Eckington'': Sheffield Road, Eckington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S21 4FP
Meals for two - starters. Came to £50. I had prawn cocktail, came with brown bread in a massive fish bolw thing. Preitty good.
Chez had battered mushrooms (only got about 4 but said they were nice). I had hunters chuicken for main. Chez had the mixed seafood grill. Really nice place, they sell John Smiths (I had 2 pints) and Chez had the house wine (2 glasses) there were loads of different ones for her to choose from. Will definately be going again. Went again Wednesday 15th June 2011 for the Steak night.
I've had better steaks, but for the price £50 for three of us wasn't bad including a bottle of wine and 2 pints of John Smiths.
Ohh you get a free glass of whine when you add yourself to the mailing list on their website.
Went again on my birthday seeing as they gave me a free bottle of Champaign. Lovely meal too. Nice cold John Smiths.
Went again last night 27-Oct-2013. Speed of service was really slow - not that we were in a hurry but after the starters it took them forever to clear the dishes away, then they asked us if we wanted more drinks and at least 30mins later they turned up. The prawn cocktails have gone proper down hill. They are no longer serverd in the big glasses and the amount you got was pathetic. The butter was so rock hard there is no way it would spread onto the bread. Won't bother again. Bill came to about £97 for 5 of us (with the £5 off voucer for filling in a survey).

Nice place to eat. Very expensive, but good food.Could have done with some nice background music though.
Visited June 2010

Coast To Coast
Went before watching a film, really nice food. The steak was spot on. Shame about the price came to just over £70 for two of us! I had two pint of Bud for £4.50 each! Had to pay extra for the tiny bit of peppercorn sauce with the steak. Got free jellybeans when paying the bill.
Quite annoying how they were playing Motown music all the time. They had TV's, but there was no sound for what was on the screens so a bit pointless. Centertainment should have a hooters instead!
Gaz's Yelp Review:

Moss Brook:

Las Iguanas
Was OK. Took a long time to bring our drinks.

Cubley Hall
I have done disco's here:
£9 for two drinks :( Food was OK though.
Check if wedding is on as can be very off putting being surrounded by wedding guests while trying to eat your meal. It is my only gripe

Mexican, El Paso [Sheffield].
Been here a couple of times. Food is very nice.
Last visit was 05/08/2017

Had a little stream outside.

Elm tree at Elton. Nice out the way pub.

Smoke BBQ, Sheffield:
Been here a few times now. The seating is not comfy, but the food is brilliant. Staff were fake friendly. If your hugry this is a good place to try. Nice touch having the country music playing in the background, however when it gets busy it's really noisy and you can't hear the music anyway. I had an overpriced bottle of lager (they don't do bitter) and the Mrs had a bottle of wine and was puzzled by the tumbler the popcorn was in to drink it with. Will be back.