The Wellside Summer Week 29 July - 4 August 2019

Thank God for the opportunity and resources to enjoy baking summer days with our community this year, 2019.
Over five days, we served more than 400 hot meals, enjoyed a BBQ party (with some 200 drop-ins), children and adults played a variety of games, danced (not in the aisles) and had fun in our churchyard and hall spaces.
The Wellside came alive. There was colour, we made conversations and offered care. There was generosity, gentleness and grace without borders.
We felt the imprint of Jesus in our hearts and a wellspring of the water of His life within us.
On the sixth day we tidied up and cared for the environment around us.
On Sunday, we worshipped God who blesses us with the assurance of His unfailing love. We prayed that the nearness of God's Kingdom would stir up the tangible move of His Spirit in our community.
Here are some pictorial records of a memorable Summer Week at Holy Trinity, Tottenham.