Backup Xbox360 Games - Capcom Digtal: Gaz214 - Alan Wake. Gaz213 - BIOSHOCK INFINITE ☣. - Devil May Cry 5. Gaz128 - Mortal Kombat. Gaz212 - Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaz210 - Young.Justice.Legacy.XBOX360-iMARS Gaz216 - Hot.Wheels.Worlds.Best.Drive.XBOX360 Gaz217 - Grand Theft Auto V - La Noir - Sega Rally. Gaz130 - Super Street Fighter IV Gaz215 - The Walking Dead Gaz211 - Tomb Raider
- Forza Horizon.

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==Images Not Yet On Disc== Dishonoured Xbox360 Just Dance 2014. Kinect Rush Kinect Starwars

☠ Disclaimer Note: These games will only play on a modified console. Copied discs only work when burnt to Verbatum Dual Layer Discs. You must legally own the original game to make a backup copy for personal use.

To copy XBOX 360 Games Use Image Burn:

• Be sure to get Dual Layer (DL) DVD+R discs. These have a capacity of 8.5 gigabytes. • Verbatim brand discs are the most highly recommended, as they are the least likely to fail during the burning process. Set the Write Speed to 2.4x

Download and install BurnerMAX Payload Tool. This freeware program allows your burner to surpass the 8.5 GB limit of a DL DVD and actually burn 8.7 GB, which allows you to fit a full XGD3 onto a disc

You'll need a compatible DL drive, iHas x24 "B" revision with "burnermax" fw flashed to it to properly burn the newer xgd3 titles Compatible Drives:

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