Got one in 2018 off my mate Darren jones after seeing all the hype about Spider-Man on Facebook. It wasn’t really worth it as never get time to play on it but it’s a nice addition to my gaming console collection. Borrowed his VR headset for a bit and had a little go on it, thought it was cool but not sure that the novelty would wear off quick. Would get one if I can find one for around £90.

Sony Play Station 4 Games:

• Spider-Man.
• Wipeout Omega Collection (£18.00 19/09/2018)
Bought 4 PS4 games £30:
Alien Isolation.
Hidden Agenda.
Titanfall 2.
• Red Dead Redemption 2.
• Rise Of The Tomb Raider.
• Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
• Street Fighter V arcade £12.
• God of war (2018) £15.
• Maneater (18/08/2021 £20).

==Want to get==
- Streets of Rage 4.
• Wild Guns.
• VR Headset.

Console £185 from [Darren Jones] with Spiderman Game. Bought 17/09/2018.