What Next Notes - 30th April 2020

Louise (L) National Update:
- Round table discussion with DCMS focusing on freelancers and disabled artists - research is with DWP awaiting response
DCMS survey on impact to sector has been extended to the 19th June - they need evidence! Encourage us all to fill it in.
What Next? to offer a national response to DCMS, LB suggests B&H response
Government spending round is planned in Autumn 2020 - super-charged industrial strategy for culture. A Marshall Plan style package - focused on recovery
James McKenzie Blackburn reinforced important of a coordinated reopening plan. Leadership from DCMS and ACE requested on this issue.
Branwen - highlights reopen venues safely campaign
Ian - Asked for input from HSE, what advice are they preparing for mass events?
Marina - pressure on small orgs to make decisions about reopening when they don’t have the capacity to do this. How do we elevate this to the level of a campaign that raises all of our profiles?
Michelle - Producer at Reading Fringe - connection with Reading BID. Is there any connection with Brighton BID?
L - suggested to shift model of meeting to introduce a guest speaker model. Please make suggestions. Branwen can connect us with BID group and invite them to WN.

Marina (M) Local Update
Reminder of BHCC’s Culture in Our City Platform
Always Possible offering 1-to-1 mentoring
South East Creatives resources - some of the offer is now open to B&H
Kickstarter - 1-to-1s - could offer crowdfunding advice for B&H companies -we will follow ups
Network crowdfunding support from AFP / Cause4 - Successful bid for 7 organisations in Brighton, funders are really interested in network problem solving. Marina will be receiving further info from Cause4 about how they can support us in the process.
Branwen - Culture in Our City website - move from just to adding innovative ideas and case studies. 1 to 1 surgeries led by Richard and guided by the survey compiled by David S (evidence collate by May 8th and then forwarded to NPO’s and BHCC surveys)
Any additional government support accessed from the group? NO!
Reason to invite the LEP is to address the gap in support for Micro Businesses and freelancers from the current government offering
Laura - Amanda Jones (Brighton Dome) - newly appointed to the LEP. A good route in to represent the sector
Andrew C - Jamie Arnell Pebble trust on the board of the LEP - also good route in
Marina - emphasises the importance of capturing data to present to LEP etc.
Faith - £500 shared funding from non-npo emergency bids - have we had any any success? Nicky from Little Green Pig indicated their bid was successful
Jane F - highlighting opportunity for cultural crowdfunding fundraiser for the city idea
Tanya Ashdown - Music venues trust crowdfunder have launched a collective crowdfunder - saveourvenues - worth checking out.
Andrew - expands on city wise fund-raising point, Our Future City have brought together a group of fundraisers for last few years to share intel and develop a more coordinated approach to larger bids. Worth connecting with this existing group on collective action

Ian from EIPC
EPIC membership comprised commercial large scale outdoor events
They are trying to build connections with the funded sector and look at how they might be able to support issues of social distancing and impact on small venues
Support unified to approach to reopening of the city - would like to keep the conversation going with WN
EPIC Members who are H&S specialists can offer advice to us - sharing risk assessments
EPIC plan to investigate offering space within commercial events to funded arts sector
Marina - is there a connection to Visit Brighton and the BID? Ian has links already
How do we brand Brighton in this new era?
Louise - could Ian run a session for culture in our city on H&S and Covid? Branwen agrees this would be useful
David - what connection can be made with cultural strategy framework - how can we feed in Jenni’s work/thinking around inclusivity from Cultural Summit into this new reopen Brighton brand?
Faith - who’s missing from the WN list? Louise to share this list and we can see if we can make new connections

Future planning
M - informing our MPs about the situation - invite them to future meeting
M - be clear about the messaging to the MPs - some pre-planning
M - for those who are moving services being moved online, could we be sharing resources around online safeguarding/best practice - Meeting to be arranged.
Nicky - how are young people being represented in these discussions, how are people tackling online safe-guarding? Louise is facing this with Lookout and indicates demand for a separate meeting? Meeting to be set up for those interested.
Laura - attending DICE webinar- online ticketing app who are launching an online platform for presenting work / monetising online culture - DICE TV. Laura will report back,
Michelle - Ironclad have trialled fund-raising for three charities with a 12-hour artist led live stream
Laura - cliff edge moment approaching - ACE emergency funding / furlough period till end of June - emphasis on lobbying again. M - real concerns about September/Oct
Jon - ACE - rescue/emergency funding - talking to DCMS daily about survival of the cultural funding. £57 million kept back in Project Grants and there are internal conversations on how this should be spent. There may be an underspend from the emergency funding round - basically they are trying to secure more money from DCMS
We need to gather collective info to help lobby.