Time has an amazing power. It can change everything. Today I need your hand for saving myself from falling up who knows maybe tomorrow you need my hand for saving yourself from dying. That is the reason I never protest on you though you do injustice to me. I am waiting for my time.


"My life is like what I can't imagine



"Do you know who is your friend? Go asked them that you are going to hell, are they coming with you or not? If they answered that they are coming, forget them. They are not your friend. If they answered that why you go to hell, we will take you paradise. They are your friends. Because friend takes us up, not down."


"Talk with everyone, share 10% of you with selective few."


"You can believe him who believe you"


"Don't say to people be good. First, you be good and say other to be like you. That will do so and it makes a chain of good people. "


"When someone of your beloved person left you, you shouldn't leave him/her. You should try to catch her /him because only that can reduce the distance between you and him/her."


"Do you want to know what you are doing it is good or bad, just go to your mother and tried to say her what you are doing? If you can say it easily, you are doing good work."


"Don't fight with dog because you can't bite him"


"Most of the truth isn't constant like most of the lie is."


“A friend doesn't remain a friend forever but an enemy will remain enemy forever.”


"Story ends with happiness, life with death."


“Do not judge me by the company I keep, judge me by how I keep.”


"There is two way to get rid of emptiness.
1. Someone comes to your life and fill the empty space.
2. A new cause of emptiness what let you forget the first ones."


"Mirror is my friend, not my best friend. Because it smiles when I smile, it cries when I cry but it does not give me consolation when I am sad."


"Life is like writing a book. Oh! forget to say using a typewriter, you can not delete anything if you delete it will leave a mark behind. So, be careful about everything you write."


"When you meet with Rest of the World I+YOU makes WE but when you meet with your Family, Friends or Love I+YOU makes I."