What Next 11th June

Surveys and recordings mentioned;

People in the UK theatre industry: wondering how you can amplify Black voices in this moment? Inc Arts is gathering evidence for how Black, Asian and ethnically diverse workers in the arts are being affected by Covid. This snap survey takes 4 minutes and will provide valuable data as a case is made direct to DCMS and Treasury.

Link to the DCMS select committee parliamentary contribution. https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/39daa004-5030-43a1-ad9a-e6aa91a71094

Chat box from the meeting:

10:57:34 From Anna Moulson : Anna Moulson: Melting Vinyl (freelance
live music promoter)
10:57:51 From Marina Norris : Marina Norris, Co-Chair of What Next?
10:58:14 From Louise Blackwell : Hi everyone, I'm Louise Co-Chair
Wht Net Brighton & Hove, Co-Director LOOKOUT and independent
10:58:26 From Ian Baird - Whiskey Bravo/E.P.I.C : Ian Baird, MD
Whiskey Bravo and E.P.I.C Chair
10:59:53 From Anna Moulson : I should I also write E.P.I.C
11:01:05 From Elena Italia : Elena Italia - Brighton Artists
11:01:09 From Will Mytum : Hi everyone, I’m Will and I’m General
Manager at Brighton Open Air Theatre
11:01:12 From abigail : Abigail, Development & Partnerships Manager
at Little Green Pig
11:01:18 From Karen Poley : Karen Poley, KP Projects CIC (The
Living Coast Undersea Experience & The Bicycle Ballet Co)
11:01:20 From Jessica Cheetham : Hi everyone, Jessica Cheetham here
Artistic Director Spun Glass Theatre - theatre production company
based in Brighton/South East
11:01:20 From Celine : Celine - Programming Assistant at South East
11:01:27 From mikebarrett : Mike barrett artist & data scientist,
11:01:33 From Marion Duggan : Morning, my name is Marion, I run
Murmuration Arts, a Brighton based Community Arts organisation
11:01:36 From Faith Dodkins : Faith Dodkins Co-Director of The
Spire and freelance producer
11:01:39 From Andrew Comben : Andrew Comben, ACIC & Brighton Dome &
Brighton Festival
11:01:39 From James Turnbull : James Turnbull - Frolic/Truestory/
The Old Market
11:01:40 From Lucy Stone : Lucy - Fundraiser working with lots of
local organisations!
11:01:45 From Tanushka Marah : Tanushka Marah Theatre and Youth
11:01:48 From elizabethporter : Good morning everyone
11:02:03 From Creative Future : Hi I'm Jane McMorrow. Director of
creative Future an arts charity that specialises in offering
opportunities for underrepresented artists.
11:02:08 From Lesley Wood : Lesley Wood - CEO of New Writing South
11:02:09 From Hattie : Hi all, I am Hattie, I am producer working
with Lost Dog Dance
11:02:14 From John Newman : John Newman, Director, Anderson
Acoustics (standing in for Kerry Wilson)
11:02:51 From FELEKE / Ned QM : Hello I'm Ned director at QM
11:02:52 From Cath James : Hi all, Cath James, Artistic Director
South East Dance
11:03:26 From Rose - South East Dance : Rose Kigwana, Senior
Producer, Participation South East Dance
11:03:33 From chris morrison : Hi: chris Morrison, Chris Morrison
Design - exhibition stand design
11:03:52 From Lelia Greci : Good morning! Lelia Greci, working in
London but based in Brighton.
11:04:21 From Nicky Crabb - Little Green Pig : Nicky Crabb,
Director at Little Green Pig and chairing What Next CYP sub group if
anyone wants to come along email me nicky@littlegreenpig.org.uk
11:04:48 From James Turnbull : HOSTS - please mute all, Got a
terrible echo!
11:05:10 From Michelle Donkin : Hello, Michelle Donkin - Cofounding
producer of Cast Iron and Ironclad Creative. Also Assistant
Producer - Reading Fringe Festival.
11:05:27 From Rachel Gibson, South East Dance : Hi there - Rachel
Gibson, Executive Director, South East Dance
11:05:55 From Jacqueline Malcolm : Hey everyone - Jacqueline
Malcolm, founder of Creative Platform Academy and Creative
11:05:57 From Lou Rogers South East Dance : Hi Everyone - Senior
Producer Artist Development South East Dance and freelance Producer
11:07:23 From Jacqueline Malcolm : I think the echo might be coming
from John Newman as my screen keeps switching to him?
11:09:01 From Michelle Donkin : What Next Digital Sign up https://
11:14:33 From Jon Linstrum : apologies I have terrible connection
issues this morning and can't hear enough so have to sign off
11:18:02 From Lou Rogers South East Dance : Hi @lizporter and
@damian - I can organise a zoom meeting at 11am tomorrow if you
would like me to - this might be too short notice for you to
organise now, do let me know - otherwise perhaps next Friday might
be better for you to get the message out?
11:24:48 From Marina Norris to Louise Blackwell (Privately) :
Reckon we should allow 15 minutes for questions - what do you think?
11:25:29 From Louise Blackwell to Marina Norris (Privately) : ha
was just writing you a message - i think at least 20 mins
11:27:02 From Marina Norris to Louise Blackwell (Privately) : Great
11:34:19 From Jane McMorrow : Very limited word count for eachquestion btw
11:35:59 From Jane McMorrow : 50 - 70 words depending on question
and Bullet Points preferred!
11:38:16 From Lucy Stone : I have a question!
11:38:18 From anne-marie : Is there a standard formula for
calculating Working From Home expenses?
11:38:27 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : Me too
11:38:42 From abigail : It implies that evidencing environmental
questions are included in a drop down menu. Is there any more info
or advice you can give?
11:38:44 From Karen Poley : Question around management or audited
11:39:07 From Lesley Wood : Question about cashflow and reserves
11:40:03 From chris morrison : Should we include a bounceback loan
in the cash flow and the bank balance ?
11:41:19 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : There is a YES/NO
question about whether we expect growth this year? This is hard to
answer as it is likely to depend on getting this grant
11:42:23 From Nicky Crabb - Little Green Pig : 2 questions: 1.
Cashflow - April and May already gone, still need to input them? 2.
Can staff salaries count as fixed costs or not?
11:42:28 From Lelia Greci : @anne-marie: my understanding is that
you can either calculate real expenses, or use the £6/week figure
without receipts (from MoneySavingExpert).
11:43:25 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : Does the question about
growth relate to an increased turnover? or just some new ways of
11:44:49 From Marina Norris : Answer to Nicky - Complete the whole
year on cashflow. Salaries don’t count as fixed costs.
11:44:49 From Anna Moulson : Can you provide quotes and links to
support your points?
11:45:14 From Laura : Hi all - some headlines from a report
produced by Dr Josh Siepel at University of Sussex at the Creative
Industries Policy and Evidence Centre
11:45:32 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : Do core staff costs
count as fixed costs?
11:45:49 From Marina Norris : No core staff do not count as fixed
costs I’m afraid
11:48:28 From ddark : sorry my washing machine just blew up so I
have to leave the meeting
11:48:57 From Anna Moulson to Marina Norris (Privately) : Marina,
Can we put in our wage but not the freeelance and staff wages we
11:49:21 From Anna Moulson to Marina Norris (Privately) : As core
11:49:30 From Marina Norris to Anna Moulson (Privately) : Hi Anna,
sorry do you want to clarify. Are you applying as a sole trader?
11:49:36 From Anna Moulson to Marina Norris (Privately) : I am
11:49:56 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : The past year has had a
much higher income than the previous year. Should I submit an excel
summary of the past year as well as / instead of the formal accounts
from 2018-19?
11:50:37 From Kyla Booth-Lucking : I have to hop off to sort out
‘home school’ - thanks for the info
11:50:55 From Jessica Cheetham to Marina Norris (Privately) : Hi
Marina, sorry missed most of the meeting due to toddler nap time
woes - is it possible to watch the recording/see the slides from
always possible?
11:51:51 From Marina Norris to Anna Moulson MV & E.P.I.C.
(Privately) : Are you talking about the cashflow?
11:52:06 From Michelle Donkin : Marina - re cashflow Nicky’s Q -
When you say complete year on Cashflow - do you mean June - June or
do I go back to April 20?
11:52:23 From anne-marie : Thank you … I’m off to ‘Home School’ too
… that was very useful.
11:52:48 From Anna Moulson MV & E.P.I.C. to Marina Norris
(Privately) : Any of the financial documents we have to fill in
11:54:17 From elizabethporter : Where can we view the report? Does
it have any reference to access provision?
11:55:38 From Karen Poley : Yes please re report
11:55:44 From Nicky Crabb - Little Green Pig : Yes to report pls
11:55:47 From elizabethporter : Please send me a link to the report
11:55:50 From Cath James- South East Dance : Yes please for the
report. or boilerplate..
11:55:52 From Rachel Gibson, South East Dance : Yes please to
report too
11:55:54 From Lou Rogers South East Dance : Yes to report please
11:55:59 From Michelle Donkin : Yes report please
Michelle@ironcladcreative.org xxxx
11:56:25 From Lesley Wood : yes please - report would be great.
11:56:32 From Lou Rogers South East Dance : How loosely can the
word 'sales' be interpreted?
11:56:58 From Lucy Stone : Guidance does say you can do management
accounts. Could you do that for last year?
11:58:24 From Michelle Donkin : Louise you can mute him
11:59:52 From Nicky Crabb - Little Green Pig : Assume we put this
grant in June in cash flow
11:59:52 From Lesley Wood : Thanks Richard and everyone . This has
been very helpful
11:59:54 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : yes report please to
12:00:03 From Laura Wright : Thanks Richard & all
12:00:06 From Belltree Music Therapy CIC : Yes thanks a lot
12:00:09 From Jane McMorrow : Thanks Richard
12:00:10 From Karen Poley : Thanks Richard
12:00:13 From Nicky Crabb - Little Green Pig : Thanks Richard and
Lou and Marina
12:00:17 From Michelle Donkin : SO Useful!!!! THANK YOU! xxx
12:00:17 From abigail : Thanks all!
12:00:18 From Elena Italia - Brighton Artists Network : This is
really amazing, thank you so much Richard for your presentation and
Marina and Louise for organising this. Not a question but I just
wanted to make a point, in case any of you are reporting back to
B&HCC that the form and criteria are not hugely suitable for
individual artists who do nonetheless really support the local
creative economy? I do totally appreciate this is already a really
amazing thing they’re doing, I just wanted to ask how they might
consider supporting individual artists through this period?
12:00:18 From Anna Moulson MV & E.P.I.C. : Thank you this is
12:00:19 From Cath James- South East Dance : Thanks all.
12:00:20 From Marion Murmuration Arts : thanks everyone
12:00:22 From James Turnbull : Thanks all.
12:00:23 From Lucy Stone : Thank you
12:00:23 From Hattie : Thank you all
12:00:24 From elizabethporter : thanks
12:00:27 From Rachel Gibson, South East Dance : Many thanks Richard
and everyone
12:00:34 From Kim Wright : Thank you!
12:01:46 From Laura Wright : Where can we get the link to the
report which Laura was citing? Or even better just the key points
she stated
12:03:34 From Elena Italia - Brighton Artists Network : Goodbye
everyone, thank you so much for this everyone!