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In order for the following to work, we need to install tmux. Tmux is used to run applications in the background. Install by running:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install tmux 


You will need to replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual user name in several places below. To find your username, run


Now that we know who you are, run

cd ~/bin/
nano start-gateway

Now paste the following into the file and update YOURUSERNAME with your actual username.


#script to start winlink gateway at boot. this
#script called by cron.

sleep 60
echo "starting vara fm"
tmux new -d -s varafm 'export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/bin/wine $HOME/.wine/drive_c/VARA\ FM/VARAFM.exe'
sleep 7
echo "starting direwolf"
tmux new -d -s direwolf '/usr/local/bin/direwolf'
sleep 3
echo "starting linbpq"
cd /home/YOURUSERNAME/linbpq/
tmux new -d -s linbpq '/home/YOURUSERNAME/linbpq/./linbpq'

Now press ctrl+s to save and ctrl+x to exit

Next make the new script executable with

chmod +x start-gateway 

The last thing is to tell cron to run the script at boot. Run

crontab -e

When the file opens, paste this at the bottom and update YOURUSERNAME with your actual username.

@reboot /home/YOURUSERNAME/bin/start-gateway

Now press ctrl+s to save and ctrl+x to exit

Be sure that direwolf, linbpq, and varafm are closed. You can test the script by running:


Now reboot the machine. Once it comes back online, you should see VARAFM open on the desktop within two minutes. Assuming it does, run

tmux ls

Which will list out your tmux sessions. You should see three sessions listed.

  • varafm

  • direwolf

  • linbpq

If you want to attach to a session, you do that with

tmux a -t <session-name>

As an example, to attach to the direwolf session, run

tmux a -t direwolf

Don't close this window. Instead, you want to detach from it again by pressing ctrl+b (let go of those keys) and press "d".

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