Beginning Two Step Class

Week One - New Steps

    1. Strut/Walk

Strut step forward with upper-body sway. Without sway is a normal Walk. Cuer will indicate the number of steps.

    2. Side Two Step Left & Right

In open position and with lead foot free foot free, step side R, close L, side R, -; & step side L, close R, side L, -; (Lady does opposite foot)

    3. Box

In closed position lead feet free, step sd L (W sd R), cl, fwd, -; sd, cl, bk, -;

May be done in any position. If you are in open position, both the lady and the man will step sd, cl, fwd, -; sd, cl, bk, -;

    4. Circle Away/Circle Walk

Walk Away from Partner indicated number of steps.

    5. Side Touch

Step to the side taking weight and touch with unweighted foot.

    6. Face to Face

In butterfly position perhaps facing wall, step side on the lead foot (man's left and woman's right), close the trail foot to the lead still facing partner, and then step side again and turn away (man turns left and woman right), -;

According to the book, we're supposed to turn 1/2 so that we are truly in a back-to-back position, man facing center and woman facing wall. In practice, most dancers don't turn that far, but do try to turn farther than simply to face line.

    7. Back to Back

In a back-to-back position, usually with the man facing COH and the woman facing wall, step side R (W sd L) moving down line of dance. Close the lead to the trail foot, still facing away from partner, and then dance side again, turning to face partner (M turns right and W turns left). You end in butterfly position with lead feet free.

Practice Song - Mountain Mixer

Week Two - New Steps

    7. Basketball Turn
    8. Back Away/Run Together

Practice Song - Little Black Book

    9. Open Vine 8
    10. 2 Side Closes
    11. Side Draw Close

Practice Song - Hold On Partner

    10. Side Draw Close
    11. 2 Side Closes
    12. Forward 2 Step
    13. Scoot (4)
    14. Hitch 6
    15. Barefootin'

Practice Song - Barefootin'