BTC Bahamas - Current Issues (Data Plan Activation)

Recent updates to the USSD process prevent users from activating data using the following easy codes.

Additionally - BTC has removed the 7GB plan in anticipation of the release of some new lucrative data plans. Details to follow.

Current Suggested Activation Path

500MB -(1 Day) - Dial *205*2*1*1#
1GB -(10 Day) - Dial *205*2*2*1#
2GB -(30 Day) - Dial *205*2*3*1#
6GB -(30 Day) - Dial *205*2*4*1#
Limitless -(30 Day) - Dial *205*2*5*1#

The issue is that the path has been amended to include a request for a language preference. There are lots of customers in the Bahamas who need Creole or Spanish language and so the path was amended. The result is great for Creole and Spanish speaking customers but it has impeded the USSD codes needing to activate data.

Please see below the new method2 to activate a data plan. The following is an example related to a 4GB data plan.

- Alternate Method 1

Send a text message to 5000. In the message type Data + the data package you want. i.e.

If successful the system will respond with: "Your request to activate a new data plan has seceded. turn off and restart device to continue using data"

- Alternate Method 2
Lets work with the 6GB data plan as an example. 6GB -(30 Day) - Dial *205*2*4*1# You can activate it step by step

Dial *205# and press Send. Select the option (1) for English.

Tap Reply 2 Return Reply

Tap Reply 4 Return Reply

Tap Reply 1 Return Reply

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