Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

🌿 Psalm 37⋮3–4





These are aspects of our consciousness and form the structure called our soul. The soul is just one of many territories given to us by God, and we're required to steward it well. As practitioner-believers in the teaching example of Jesus Christ, we're charged with the responsibility to fortify, maintain, and persistently increase our soul's health, as we exert ourselves on Earth.

Power from God to thrive and help others through our unique missions equally requires paying radical attention to, cleaning up, or releasing attachment to what flows in and out of our mind, will, and emotions.

Trust in God means putting to intentional death our imbalanced, wounded soul tendencies to fight against the disciplined practice of owning and dominating our territory.

When we allow negating forces to destroy our inner joy, we have given up territory.

When we accept being marked as "defeated" or a "loser", we forfeit our territory.

When we hurt others, and refuse to reconcile, this costs us our territory.

Pushing the edge to "do it [life] by ourselves" – in our own [exclusive] strength – sets us up for preventable failure.

To trust in the LORD means we accept, know, and assume there will be weight we cannot bear. Still we must carry it. We carry the weight with God, as our Helper and Counsel. We walk with Him, not against Him.

The difference between surrendering situations to God to deal with first [to resolve, or transform] and forcing situations on our own, is prevention of injury. Injury sometimes comes from pride overriding our common sense – ignoring the blunt and subtle signals to stop, slow down, accelerate, delay, or detour down another path to a desired outcome.

To trust in the Lord is to seek first and lean on His opinion and view of you as the primary gold standard to operate from – in every area of your life. What does He say about you, and your value to Him?

As believers in Jesus Christ's journey through, and his motive behind being crucified for our sake, we know he submitted to God [our Father's] will for us to be liberated. To live life abundantly – free from the oppression of sin and past failures tormenting us.

Christ's resurrection was God doing [accomplishing, expressing] His incomparable, supernatural good for us. God was showing – in a radical, wildly loving way – what we each must do moment-to-moment, in our own soul. Reclaim territory, dominion, and rulership over how we exist, express, and contribute on Earth.

In Psalm 37:3, we're instructed to dwell in the land.

We settle our soul – our mind, will, emotions – inside God as our Cover and Counsel – the Originator of the greatest territory [His kingdom] that we cannot be moved from. Dwelling, as an action, reveals exercised comfort and inner stability – expressed in purpose fulfillment. Knowing our purpose may shift and evolve, we still rest in our territory.

My Pastor often talks about being seated in heavenly places. This place – Heaven – is indestructible. This is where we are established and rooted, in our walk with Christ.

Heaven is not an imagination, or a fantasy of "religious" escapism. It is the expression-realm of God's Loving Spirit. It is where Jesus sourced his courage, valor, and dignity to serve and sacrifice from.

Heaven is a healthy and sound mind. It is our willpower infused in the world to glorify [highlight, elevate, showcase] the blessings, lessons, and grace we have received in knowing and living Christ's word. Heaven is deeply examined and resolved emotional trauma that can no longer constrict or limit our reception, experience, and giving of joy.

Heaven is an atmosphere – a territory – of God's delight in us, for us, and toward us as we unmask our inner light. Christ shares with us – relentlessly – in the Gospels that we are like him. We were designed to emulate and walk in our Father's supernatural might and love. As we unmask and shine, our souls become immutable to negating forces and their attempts to weaken our ability to abide [dwell, rest, trust] in our Father, as the foundation of our faith.

Faith is an action-principle of God's kingdom. It is a law Christ exemplified and beautifully obeyed in his life, producing the result of full domination over his inner and external world territories.

Faith purifies our heart, and opens us to receive the asked for, and the beyond-asked for. As we receive our heart's desires, we become conditioned and trained to allow ourselves to be a blessing – an answered prayer – for everyone around us.

March 06 | 2024 ❤️‍🔥

Dara Songye


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