Qubes Notes, January 27, 2019

* When upgrading Whonix, you need to uninstall all of whonix, including sys-whonix

Adding to a minimal template

My preferred Linux is currently Qubes-OS. One thing I do like is the minimal templates. You can create templates with just what you need in them and then create a Qube from them that doesn't have a lot of extra pieces that you do not need. However creating a usable template from the released templates takes extra steps, that I kind of fumble around doing, so I will layout my process here.

* There is no way to clone or duplicate a template VM from the Qubes Manager, you have to do it from the dom0 command line. Note you do not need sudo:

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-clone fedora-27-minimal fedora-27-firefox

* First, the minimal template does not contain the Qubes password-less sudo and the policy kit. You need to start a shell for the template as root. Again, there is no GUI way to do this, you need to do this from a dom0 command line:

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-run -u root fedora-27-firefox xterm

* Now I can follow the recommendations from https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/fedora-minimal/. In the fedora-27-firefox terminal we started from the command line:

bash-4.4# dnf install qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root polkit

* I check to make sure that the generalized qubes-core-agent is installed

bash-4.4# dnf install qubes-core-agent

* I install some of my preferred packages

bash-4.4# dnf install gnome-keyring less pciutils psmisc
bash-4.4# dnf install pulseaudio-qubes
bash-4.4# dnf install qubes-core-agent-networking

* Now I install the packages that I made the new template for

bash-4.4# dnf install firefox google-droid-*-fonts

* install Centos 7

dom0$ sudo qubes-dom0-update —enablerepo=qubes-templates*testing qubes-template-centos-7

* Apt update mechanism vulnerability:


Affected Qubes (Whonix Debian)
- anon-whonix whonix-ws-14 sys-whonix
- whonix-ws-14-dvm whonix-ws-14 sys-whonix
- sys-whonix whonix-gw-14 default(sys-firewall)

Affected Qubes (Debian-9)

- discord debian-9
- katoolin debian-9
- opera debian-9-opera
- aws debian-9-sshfs

* Fedora Minimal Template, packages you might need


* Upgrading from one Fedora template to a newer version

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