WordPress Call for Testing Checklist and Template

When your feature is ready for a beta audience, post a call for testing to make/core. Use this handy template and checklist when creating your post. Or, skip all of this. Publishing anything and tagging it #needs-testing is sufficient and better than not posting.


What is it?

Describe the feature. Include screenshots. Describe any goals and gating criteria, such as parity requirements.

Where is it?

Describe how to get to the feature. Direct links are good.

What to test

Describe the primary flows to test. Consider using bulleted flow or a visual record.

What to expect

List known issues and shortcomings (bug tracker links are helpful). Set expectations. Stuff like that.

How to report

Provide trac and github links.

Timeline for testing

Express urgency and priority. If there are target dates, provide them.

Did you?

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain the feature or update
  • Link to the feature
  • List known issues
  • Provide a short list of testing steps
  • Mention how to provide feedback
  • Include a date for the completion of the testing
  • Include screenshots from multiple devices
  • Keep a beta testing audience in mind
  • Tag the post #needs-testing