LinkedIn Summary & Headline examples

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HEADLINE EXAMPLES (sometimes confused with Job Title, which on LinkedIn is different):

* Sales Administrator | Finance | Customer Care Expert | Sales Specialist | Hospitality & Catering Equipment Sales
* Orlando Dog Trainer –> Force-Free Dog Trainer Experienced in Aggression, Anxiety, & Puppy Training
* 🔥 Restaurant Owner now working with cafes, restaurants & industry partners to improve popularity and profits | Business education | Online training
* Elementary School Teacher –> Nurturing Kindergarten Teacher With Special Education Certification & Five Years Classroom Experience
* Medical Assistant –> Efficient, Organized Medical Assistant Who Thrives in Fast-Paced Environments
* I Help Restaurant & Cafe Owners Turn Declining Profit into Profit Growth | Business Leader | Project Management | Change Management | Author
* Credit Risk Management | People Leadership and Management | Transformation | Senior Banking Industry Professional
* Team Leader & Mentor | Commercial Kitchen Equipment Consultant | Chef & Food Lover | Car Nut
* I help hospitality businesses on their operational strategy, technology development & data analytics. I am also a positive voice for the industry through podcasts and media formats.
* Financial Controller for Small Business - operational accounting without the price tag
* Multimedia Journalist, Live and Pre-Recorded Interviews, PSA, Commercials Radio and Television Broadcasting Talent. Member National Press Photographers Association (NPPA).
* Cafe Owner and mad Coffee Enthusiast with 20 years of profitable experience

SUMMARY EXAMPLES - describe what you do, and how you can help people.

Do include some numbers, which add credibility eg led a team of 12 people, responsible for sales budget of $8m. per annum, handled 25 active accounts, a company with 200 employees in all states etc:
Do *not* to start with 'Experienced (position) with a demonstrated history of working in (role)...' - it's a cliche that so many people copy and it looks lazy. You can do so much better - share how you can help people!


I am on the constant look out for those big dreamers, searching for their next big shot in the huge, vibrant world of hospitality. This generally starts with a conversation, which can eventually lead to dreams becoming that much closer to reality. Together, we can uncover their values, what drives their business to succeed, and more often than not, the occasional vent when things don't seem to go as planned. This is what makes a business great, the good and bad times. When you can identify both, you're on your way!


I am a results-driven, and an insightful Sales Account Manager who is passionate in helping my clients and key partners achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. From a small hole in the wall cafes to large international equipment suppliers, I have grown my skills in delivering a high level of solutions based customer service, strategic sales management, project management and data analytics, ensuring I uphold my integrity at the highest standard.


Having broken countless personal records, some of my many achievements include having contributed over $2m in sales acquisitions within a year, along with managing international portfolios within the hospitality equipment industry. I also found a new love for data analytics and operations within the accounting sector. Working in the finance sector, why not have a love for numbers, right?

When I'm not speaking with my clients, I'm often found trying to perfect the next best recipe, or re-watching season one of GOT, all whilst searching for the next best restaurant or cafe!


I have worked in the Hospitality and Retail Industry for over 10 years, as a chef, restaurant manager, events and functions coordinator, waiter and bartender. I pride myself in delivering exceptional Customer Service, achieving excellence in Guest Satisfaction. My skills also extend to Experience in Finance & Accounting; Administration; Shift Management; Stock Management. My professional aspiration is to be part of a business with global networks and fantastic work culture.


I enjoy finding and providing you with the best possible solution for your workplace and/or organisation. Able to work with you to ensure compliance to your act, help identify issues while providing solutions, always endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations. #partners #performance #people #integrity #passionate


I am an accomplished Customer Experience and Senior Contact Centre Manager who has consistently demonstrated my ability to deliver improved customer experiences, coupled with tangible benefits for Customers, Specialists and the organisation.

I have over 14 years leading and influencing people to achieve record breaking results in customer service, sales, efficiency and operational excellence. With an unwavering focus on customer service and improvement, I seek out opportunities for process review, pain points in customer journey and best practice to engage, collaborate and source effective and meaningful solutions to deliver growth and retention for the organisation.

Of paramount importance to me is being able to successfully contribute to an organisation that has a great culture, a great team and a commitment to deliver innovative, meaningful and continuous improvements. A skilled communicator with integrity, I quickly build strong stakeholder networks across the breadth of an organisation to drive collaborative solutions that exceed the needs of all stakeholders. My mantra is “make it easy”.

I am an energetic and accomplished business professional with an extensive background in retail, business development and commercial property. With 20 years experience in Senior Executive roles, retail partnerships and franchisor partnerships, I have developed an excellent understanding of best business practices.

Leading large teams by example through strong communications and effective stakeholder management, I deliver outcomes over and above set expectations and budgets.

Key Areas of Expertise: Leadership | Business Development | Communication | Agility | Stakeholder Management | Delivery of Company Visions

Throughout my career I have been involved in multiple businesses as a shareholder and an integral member of teams in the execution of strategic plans leading to extensive business growth; a merger and acquisition and developing & training large staff networks. The key attributes listed above have been an indispensable component of my success within these environments.

Coach of junior basketball team and assistant coach of junior representative team.

I am passionate about meeting new people and learning from the experiences of working with them to achieve a result. I love nothing more than walking onto a blank canvas, be it a building site, empty office space or an office full of staff brimming with ideas and seeing the potential, growing and developing the concepts and ultimately seeing the results of hard work.

I am determined to share knowledge and inspire people to see what I see in a space, concept, idea.

Currently I am working with developers and building contractors, small, medium and large companies creating results in the food service environment. We are completing projects with great results for the end users and patrons alike. Our services are really a blend of good sound advice, technical expertise and supply of quality assured products and services.

We are building a business that will have a reputation for being there when and where you need them and despite all the challenges a company that will find results.


As a Director of XYZ, one of Australia’s largest catering equipment distributors, I work with manufacturers and importers around the world to bring the best to market. I’ve managed hundreds of hospitality fit-outs over 15 years including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, mining and schools.

Hospitality is in my blood. My family has run hotel chains, motels and restaurants for a lifetime. I’m driven, honest and competitive. I’m always looking for better ways of doing business and growing business. Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll achieve it just to prove people wrong.

I founded HSS Finance, an equipment finance company specialising in hospitality loans and leases. Proven track record of business growth.


I am a resilient and persistent individual. I have been lucky enough to work with amazing mentors along the way who have guided me, allowed me to grow and always backed my judgment. It is for this reason that I have led great teams.
I deliver on a high quality product and experience for my customers which grows sales and delivers results.