For January 23:
last tests of the semester

(1) Irregular verbs conjugation
(2) Photo description parameters for maturita exam

(1) Irregular verbs conjugation:

ONLY these will be tested. I might leave a blank and u must fill in present form, past tense form, or past participle form.


present tense past tense past participle
hit hit
drive drove Driven
sing sung
catch caught

present tense past tense past participle
hit hit hit
drive drove Driven
sing sang sung
catch caught caught
choose chose chosen
dig dug dug
drink drank drunk
eat ate eaten
feel felt felt
fall fell fallen
hang hung hung
have had had
tell told told
think thought thought
win won won
write wrote written
run ran run
make made made
let let let
sit sat sat
know Knew known

(2) Photo description parameters for maturita test

They maturita test asks you to state the descirption using these parameters.

Description of photos
Use these parameters for your descriptions
Details weather
Atmosphere mood
- happy, sad, solemn
- what it makes the observer feel

Dictation practice. good websites with practice phrase and longer texts
1 https://dailydictation.com/lessons/university-orientation-program.349/listen-and-type
2 https://dailydictation.com/courses
3 https://www.englishclub.com/listening/dictations-medium.htm
4 https://en.islcollective.com/english-esl-worksheets/search/dictatio

Final Semester Exam UP1 January

Test subjects details
(1) Adverbs and Adjectives Know the definition of each. Know how to identify them in sentences. Understand the differences.
(2) Answering questions for text that I will read I will dictate text and then give you questions like in the maturita exam.
(3) Description of photos Details and Atmosphere
feeling of the photo
mood indvidual
(4) irregular and regular verbs I will give you some five irregular verbs. Please be able to indentify the past tense and the past participle.


(1) Adverbs and Adjectives: one modifies verbs and one modifies nouns (and pronouns).
(2) Text Reading - Describe not only details, but what type of text is it (news report, instructions, recipe, advertisement???)
(3) Description of Photos:
  • Remember these qualities:


  • weather
  • people
  • clothes
  • location
  • event


  • group
  • individual (mood)

Example of photo to describe and textbook exercises from the maturita exam book.



(4) only Irregular verbs. From the list below.



Look at these statements url


100 most common English verbs https://literacyforall.org/docs/100_Most_common_in_American_English.pdf

With conjugation link https://www.linguasorb.com/english/verbs/most-common-verbs/1

50 most common irregular verbs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQDzgbyMHy7vUmYpbvUbyFHU4dyVssggH3N48FO0wFFnT-MYBSS9O6jLXVhkjLDXDpA_HdbjjJVrLbS/pubhtml

-- -- ---- -- -- --- -- -- ---

November 28, 2022

Dictation: Listening, Note-taking, and Reporting :

Preparation for graded activity in the next two days.

Instructions - Please keep in mind these things:

  1. Listen for keywords

  2. Get a sense for the type of recording.

    • It may be a discussion between people.
    • It may be a news article.
    • It might be simply a topic that someone else is reporting.
    • It might remind you of something else. (*)
  3. Your description of the sound recording is important if you were to report to a friend what you heard, so that they will understand what you heard.

Review of the exercise:
After today's exercise: Many of the class got the details correct. However, what was missing was a description of the TYPE of thing they heard. In the maturita, you might be given a * dialogue - two or more people speaking * a news report - like evening news * a story, fable or poem

And so, please start with the type of thing you are hearing, and then fo from there. This is my writing of what you heard. I just heard a description of a profession; almost like a warning or a job advertisement. It was a description of the work that animal carers must perform and what the life is like for these people. The description stated that many interested people (interested in this profession) might not realize how taxing (how much effort) is involved in this work.

November 24

esl listening exercises.


I will choose one, and you will answer the questions for a grade. It means, you need to listen carefully. And answer the questions correctly.


November 22 Irregular verbs list

[ Irregular Verb list] (http://simp.ly/publish/R03hFT)


Note: PLease read this pages:

Using the verb "use" :



Vali words

Cz Eng
je to pravdu It is true/that's right
spěchat to rush
zvědavý curious
popsat to describe
obtížný difficult
zvědavý curious
použit to use
budoucnost future
Odpovědět to answer
názor opinion
porovnat to compare
jídlo meal
klid (buď klidný) calm (be calm)
vysvětlit to explain
zapálit to ignite (to light fire)
matoucí confusing

I use red pens.

But a different meaning of the phrase "used-to"

"I used to go swimming," it means I did something in the past.

example: "I used to eat meat, but now I do not."

Používám červené pero.

Ale jiný význam fráze „used-to“

„I used to go swimming“ znamená, že jsem v minulosti něco dělal (plavani).

"I used to eat mean, but now I do not", means \Dříve jsem jedl maso, ale teď už nejím.\

[ November 8, 2022 ] for UP1

bit.ly/50018092 Vocaulary

Tomorrow, November 9, we look at bit.ly/8091

Shopping Experiences


You will buy ten items at the grocery store. Tell why you bought these (fiction is okay; to make dinner, to make soup, etc). Was something at a good price, or too expensive?? Tell your thoughts. (Where did you go; was it crowded; were there long lines at the cash registers; were people rude?)
Class work today, Nov 8:
Group 2
You will tell of your experiences shopping where you are able to describe your
a) happiness or anger
b) your ease of business or frustration (could not find something)

What was your mood. What was the location like? What was the atmosphere? Where was it (and describe it for people who do not know the place).

Tell me of a good experience, and a bad one.

(+) One time you purchased something at a great price (bargain). - (-) Or something that you paid for that was poorly made and broke soon after.

(-)A purchase you took to return and the shop gave you a difficult time. They would not a) give you your money back (refund) or b) give you a new item.

(+) Tell me of a place where the salespeople were very helpful. (or waiters at a restaurant). (-) Tell me of a place where they were rude and you could not believe they could be working there.

Group 1 Learning shopping words and phrases. Group 2 will tell their stories and group 1 will listen for terms in the lists below.

Use these words? - [ ] Bargain, sale price, cheap - [ ] Refund, exchange, replace, faulty - [ ] salesperson - [ ] management - [ ] rude - [ ] helpful - [ ] complaint, to complain - [ ] satisfied, dissatisfied - [ ] fashion, designer - [ ] changing room, fitting room - [ ]


Study Guide for Employment Topic - TEST

ON >>>>> WED 2022-11-09

also review VOCABULARY below on this page

UP1 Study guide
Link to bit.ly/50018055 bit-ly-50018055.png

Homework 2022-10-20

Business Words, 19.1 and 20.3

The full book is here:: bit.ly/busvocabmouss

starts on page 46.

Homework 2022-10-18

Business Words p 43, 17.2 and 17.3

Do assignments 17.2 and 17.3

The full book is here:: bit.ly/busvocabmouss

Or see these separate pages we discussed today.:






Too many did poorly on this test.

It was either because:

a. you didn't pay attention.
b. you didn't read the material that I posted on this page (the definitions as well as some pages from my text book).
c. I am teaching it poorly.

All three may be the case.

Corrections for test. Please re-read these:

Working World terms meanings
Page 1 [n[n[n[n[n[n
union helps workers, but sometimes connected to
workers walk off job Strike
White collar job usually educated office workers
human resources hiring department
swing shift like restaurant workers
example of benefit day-care
best on cv accomplishments
description on resume responsibilities
trademark only owner can use it
vacancy open job position
carbon offset a way to help environment
Page 2
ceo can pay money, buy companies
cfo head of finance and accountants
to fire someon vyhodit
zadatel applicant
pracovni pohovor job interview
nabor job offer
c-suite top management usually with chief in title
applicant tracking system computer program readinjg CVs
najmount to hire
nabidka prace job offer
salary office worker like robot


agenda A list of topics to discuss in daily, weekly meetings, usually run by superior of section or higher.
benefits Things to entice you to work for a company but are not a larger paycheque. Such as Children's day care, health club, car, etc.
blue collar job Means non-university educated, or someone who works with hands. (*This used to be a "distinction amount the intelligentsia or universtity educated class and the laborer such as a mechanic. However, these days the craftsman, such as plumber, or wood worker, can earn much more than the "white collar" worker. Blue collar stems from the workshirt of the past 100 years. White collar meant the office working in suit and tie.
brand The company mark, such as addidas, but also the intellectual property or ethic of the company.
carbon offsets Companies that pollute greenhouse gases into the atmosphere can buy these to offset the carbon emissions that they themselves pollute. It migh be cheaper than installing more moder, less carbon intensive technology.
CEO Chief Executive officer (managing director) only he can pay money, buy big items, choose new partners. Maybe he needs another director to sign.
CFO chief Financial officer (higher than accountant, more like banker accountant)
CIO Chief Information officer in charge of security of computer databases, computer systems, and other intellectual property
COO Chief Operations Officr - manages all the section heads that do marketing, delivering, logistics, etc
commodity The raw material meant to be manufactured in combination to form, for example, stainless steel.
curriculum vitae Zivotopis, with Contact details, experience, education, special training and shows your past responsibility as well as accomplishments
day job A nine to five job, or daytime job.
day-care The babysitting organizaiton, private or public, that can be arranged by the emplioyer as a benefit.
day-shift Shift meaning period of work as in day, swing, graveyard, roughly separating 24 hours into 8hour periods.
debt An amount of money owed, but usually in the sense of bonds (Dluhopisy) that are issued to borrow money from investors. Debt (DET withoug the b sound) is usually referring to debt of the company that they have to pay back to the investor community.
deficit A negative projected or realized value of the company based on lower sales, but higher costs of production. Sold 800 million EUR but the other costs were 850 million.
dirty work Can be manual labor, but also unethical work such as spreading false rumors.
distribution The value of some companies is their large network of buyers or sales agents, and thus their distribution is large. A partner, or buyer, of a comapny likes and values highly, companies with hight distribution so they can get their product in front of new potential buyers.
feedback Feedback is some information that comes back to a person or department that can give that entity a sense of success or not.
full-time Usually means working the fully demanded hours of any job.
graveyard-shift This means the overnight, late night start (around midnight) at factories or other 24 hour businesses (such as all night grocery stores).
growth Company growth can mean more sales, wider distribution, more retail locations, or larger employment to gind more customers. It is perceived as a very positive sign, UNLES it is done by taking on too much debt. (Means borrowing more than can be paid back.
HumanResources Oddeleni personalni - The person in charge of hiring and negotiating salaries.
industry (job sector) This means not the mechanical industtry of say, coal mining or metallurgy, but the sectors of business such as engineering, energy, banking, chemicals, advertising, etc.
interview (job) This is the face-to-face meeting of the potential employer (usually human resources) and the candidate.
inventory As a a noun, it means stock on hand or that is registered on the accounting books. As a very it means to 'do inventory' which is a checking of twhat was sold so it agrees with the accounting books.
invoice Faktura. The document or electronic document, that reflects accurately the purchase of goods or services, and the full qualificaions, usually with the bank payment details, the tax number of both buyer and provider, and other information.
launch To issue a new product, a revised or updated product, like an iPhone. This could also refer to a marketing campaign.
loan To borrow money is deemed worthwhile in that it is a productive use of capital. If all companies did not borrow money, or act on debts and time to pay, then money supply would not grow.
lucrative Means profitable, a business, a trade, a service offered by an entity or individual.
manual labor Working with hands, or not in an office.
market (generally) Gernally it means the larger esoterical market place, where demand and supply meet. It is normally used in the sense to describe the healthof a particular sector. (The market for shoes. Themarket for accounting services. The market for software)The 'market' for soap, shampoor, and laudnry detergent rarely suffers in a downturn.
maternity leave This is the legally required time off given to people who have had a child. It is by law in most moder countries, but not all global countries. It could be enhanced as an additional "benefit".
mission statement A neologism that is supposed to give a company a large amount of cultural esprit de corps. By stating a missions statement the whole company should abide by these lofty goals.
mogul Usualy it means a person who is a giant of industry, a well known personin one industry, who is successful. Movie mogul, social media mogul, etc.
nine-to-five The typical and standars workday from the 1960s.
offer The opportunity that is shown to a buyer that may be attractive for the buyer to act on. But it could also mean a job-offer.
order The act of asking for a product or services, that is usually legally binding.
output The amount of goods and/or services produced by a firm, machine, or similar, that has a currency value.
part-time Working not full time.
permanent job A job that has a never-ending contract, which is different from 'Casual' work, or hourly work. This is usually a monthly paid, salary job.
petty cash The amount of literal cash (paper and coins) in a company since some items must be paid for in cash.
promotion (job) A reward that is a higher level of authority that mostly comes with a higher salary or higher hourly wage.
qualifications This refers to a person's ability or acumen to do a job. Usually these qualifications are the way that an employer can feel certain the new employer has the skills to perform a job.
reference This means, in America, a person that will say or write good things about your past work. It can be considered a soft guaratee since the person giving the reference does not wish their reputaion to be harmed but wants also to help the previous employee.
retail Maloobchod.
risk See whiteboard notes about varioius risks.
salary Monthy payment that is steady as opposit to hourly or gig jobs.
salary-man Japanes origin. Robotic office workers that are misstreated and seem to have given up personality and freedom to the company as loyalty to ensure long term employment.
securitization When a copmany is turned into a public holding, with shareholders, this ownership is transfered into shares (or securities). Securitation can be many thngs about transfering ownership, rights, debt or even small things into pieces of paper or digital 'securities'.
stock Stock can me an akcie. Pieces of paper that show small ownership of the company. Means there are rights to argue (collectively) for changes. But itis a way of investing through securitization
strike When workers stop work to argue for better conditions or pay. Usually the Union organizes this.
trademark Patent and trademark are similarly about intellectual property. But where Patent protects processes, or technology, or software, Trademark prevents others from getting sales by using a similar logo or other slogan type marketing.
union A collective bargaining organization to represent workers' rights. Long history. Even Starbucks seeks to unionize which means that Starbucks is perceived to treat workers poortly.
vacancy Job vacancy: means they have a spot or multiple roles, to fill.
white collar job The worker who goes to work with a suit and tie. To contrast with blue collar that gets his hands dirty. No longer applicable.
wholesaler Velkoobchod
work experience History of ork that shows capability, dependability, skills (hard and soft)
Job offer Nabídka práce
accept the job offer Přijměte pracovní nabídku
to accept the job offer přijmout
Employee Zaměstnanec
Employer Zaměstnavatel
CEO výkonný ředitel
COO Hlavní operační důstojník
CFO finanční ředitel
C-Suite C-Suite
to hire najmout
to fire Vyhodit ?
job interview pracovní pohovor
recruitment nábor
shortlist užšího výběru
to recruit naverbovat
applicant žadatel
job application žádost o práci
online application online aplikace
applican tracking system (ATS) applican sledovací systém (ATS)
curriculum vitae životopis
resume' životopis
turn down' the offer odmítnout nabídku


Comments on your cv examples.

  • Keep to sections (important because the ats programs need it to find the information)
  • Capitalize the start of each point (but ending period not necessary)
  • Avoid using the pronound "I" , just say "Responsible for 4 employees"
  • Contact details were fine. Instagram, or website are useful if you have visual work thatyou like to show.
  • in job description:

    • you should list responsibilities
    • and ACCOMPLISHMENTS (because they want to see your good work).


Please keep this book.

We will use it as course material.

Business Words.pdf (3.9 MB)


 CV 111



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