What Next Chat Notes

11:00:10 From Jacquelinemalcolm@yahoo.co.uk : Morning everyone :D Jacqueline Malcolm, Creative Practitioner and founder of Creative Platform Academy.
11:01:17 From Cath James : Hi Cath James here - Artistic Director of South East Dance
11:01:24 From abigail : Abigail, Development and Partnerships Manager with Little Green Pig
11:01:34 From Louise Blackwell : Hello I'm Louise - indie producer & Co-Chair What's Next
11:01:39 From Michelle Donkin : Good morning! Michelle Donkin - Co-founding producer of Cast Iron & Ironclad Creative CIC. Also Assistant Producer of Reading Fringe Festival.
11:01:43 From Terri-Sian Lugosi : Hellooooo, lovely to meet everyone!

I'm Terri, I'm an event professional in the city, currently do a lot of work with Select security, run an artist booking agency and do other freelance bits too.
11:01:54 From Marina Norris : Morning! Marina Norris, Co-Chair at What Next BH and Interim Exec Director at Brighton People’s Theatre and Co-ordinator at South East Creatives
11:01:57 From Lesley Wood : Hello - Lesley Wood from New Writing South here
11:02:34 From Celine : Celine Bakir Programming Assistant at South East Dance
11:03:24 From Karen Poley : Karen Poley, KP Projects CIC (The Living Coast Undersea Experience & The Bicycle Ballet Co)
11:04:28 From Toni Darton : Morning, thanks for inviting me. I am Toni from Sussex Community Foundation
11:07:49 From Karen Poley : https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/mar/24/arts-workers-what-effect-has-coronavirus-had-on-your-job?CMP=share_btn_fb
11:08:41 From Laura McD : Julie's Bicycle letter - a Just Green Cultural Recovery Endorse Letter to Oliver Dowden https://juliesbicycle.com/resource_hub/resources/a-just-green-cultural-recovery/
11:09:01 From Liz Porter : Writing to MP’s good, if you do please also consider mentioning the importance of good practice access and inclusion. It’s going to be quite challenging on lots of fronts, but considering the needs of intersectional communities must be kept in the mix so a sentence in your letters would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
11:11:00 From Laura McD : British Council on behalf of DCMS Survey about future alternative to Creative Europe https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdHbjXrcY4v-ZzOlYep3H4U4v21tPkV2MGKxX66ZLaFvgJibQ/viewform - this closes on 26 June (tomorrow!) and is very quick to fill in
11:12:37 From Nicky Crabb : Nicky Crabb at Little Green Pig - email me nicky@littlegreenpig.org.uk if you are interested in CYP session on informal youth sector - confirmed speaker is Adam Joolia from Audioactive, plus hopefully one other

11:12:38 From Steven Brett : Thank you for getting there ahead of me Laura!!
11:13:20 From Karen Poley : What time Michelle?
11:13:36 From Elena Italia - Brighton Artists Network : Hi Michelle! Really happy to chat about this, just drop me a line at info@brightonartistsnetwork.co.uk and we can arrange a call!
11:13:42 From El Ward : I’ve just emailed Caroline with the Open Letter from Grassroots Music Venues / Music Venue Trust in advance of the debate this afternoon: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/Open%20Letter%20to%20the%20UK%20Government.pdf?token=AWzsk99RUAMMhg_xp8lLWg361Or8BYNOZxKy4xs5WtyrtjIxTwRbnjnEyk-9l7k3Z1ovHLEp0-jaxmSdpAra55mHz-z6x4r7LLp2M1sUy6PmwzrQSxEq4ltx-LxeLE0XI5ScKDXBc1nU4cy2m2yUOJyqXT9R2sRsqgyS5XHSMahGcw

11:14:06 From Michelle Donkin : Oh yes! Time is - 1pm. Sign up here to get updates if you haven’t already AND I will also get the link sent round.

11:14:45 From Michelle Donkin : https://forms.gle/hSSEyyvKWPu4LKcY6
11:15:03 From Laura McD : Also from Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin - commissions for artists as part of Season for Change which are for Black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds - Season for Change - Commissions for Artists (Julie's Bicycle / https://juliesbicycle.com/13_-_climate_action/common-ground-launch/
11:15:39 From Liz Porter : Is there a link for the artist network chats?
11:15:58 From Lou Rogers : Here is the link to join the Access/ D/deaf and Disability Sub Group - Friday at 11am Topic: What next? Disability Group
Time: Jun 26, 2020 11:00 AM London

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Password: 864758
11:16:21 From Michelle Donkin : Creative Catch-up from Ironclad Creative: https://forms.gle/iZMefTSsEZnYchDY7
11:16:54 From Marina Norris : mnorris@thurrock.gov.uk for info on South East Creatives
11:17:10 From Kate Laird : Hi everyone, Kate Laird from Shared Space and Light here
11:19:30 From Lou Rogers : Link to Artist Network Events: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/brighton-artists-network-30046934476

11:24:52 From Cath James : Thank you to Sussex Community Foundation for that support for our older vulnerable and isolated adults, who are participants in one of our dance projects. Brilliant.
11:26:12 From Cath James : Some info on this here: https://southeastdance.org.uk/blog/movement-to-lift-the-spirits-in-lockdown-the-welcome-project-activity-durin/

11:26:25 From Michelle Donkin : So so so inspiring Toni! Thank you so much!
11:27:24 From abigail : Has the crash on stock markets affected your income (from your HNWI supporters and T&F's )over the last few months and are there any trends that you think give an insight into grant funding going forward?

11:32:21 From abigail : Thanks Toni, that's brilliant.
11:35:21 From Michelle Donkin : In terms of access - Do you think you’d move toward video application?
11:36:27 From Jenni Lewin-Turner : Would Sussex Community Foundation consider offering Access Support - similar to ACE to help individuals to apply
11:36:54 From Jenni Lewin-Turner : or is this already in place/
11:36:54 From Elena Italia - Brighton Artists Network : I’m sorry if you’ve said this before but do you have a sense of when SCF and other funders might move away from crisis funding to recovery and back to normal?
11:37:25 From Liz Porter : I think organisations such as Diverse City have used video applications before and I also think Stay Up Late do, they can be an accessible format,
11:38:08 From Liz Porter : There is real need for a conversation around accessible recruitment process I’d be interested in that conversation.
11:38:24 From Marina Norris : Also Cause 4 accepted video applications for their last round of small grants to support networks.
11:38:26 From Karen Poley : I think Paul Hamlyn used video applications for one of their strands, a couple of years ago
11:38:41 From Marlborough Productions : Unlimited deffo use video applications too
11:39:00 From Louise Blackwell : Jerwood Arts also use video applications for some strands
11:39:35 From Marina Norris : ACE provides funding for an individual to access their own support
11:40:49 From Liz Porter : I think it ’s also about encouraging people to consider how to budget for accessibility and support. Actually GRAEAE theatre company have done allot of work around building accessibility into theatre so if you don’t know their work do check it out. Disability Arts Online have been doing loads of Zoom workshop’s and looking into accessibility within them too

11:43:19 From Marina Norris : And just want to say that Sarah Pickthall, a local WN member, pioneered the Access fund within ACE when she was there.
11:43:38 From Michelle Donkin : We’ve just set up an organisation called Ironclad Creative with an aim to support emerging creatives including supporting their funding their projects applications and access/mentoring. Is that something that we could look into getting support for?
11:44:01 From Karen Poley : Yes, anyone know when ACE might reinstate project grants?
11:47:22 From Michelle Donkin : Yes - can we talk about going forward having a point of contact across all NPOs and established organisations who will take calls/emails after the world starts again for emerging artists?
11:47:26 From Anna Alvarez (she/her) : alclasper@gmail.com
11:49:33 From Kyla Booth-Lucking : sorry I have to leave without contributing anything this week. take care
11:51:58 From Steven Brett : Take care in the warmths everyone! Sorry - I have to depart...
11:52:12 From Dell Gardiner : I am looking for a mentor for a 15yr old student of mine very talented artist, ASD and Pathological Demand Avoidance, Lovely chap but hugely disadvantaged in life.
11:52:45 From Michelle Donkin : Dell - I’m happy to talk and help find someone who is DBS, etc. x Michelle@ironcladcreative.org

11:53:06 From Marina Norris : Michelle, did you look at Business Hot House support via The University of Chichester?
11:53:41 From Dell Gardiner : Thanks Marina and Michelle
11:55:23 From Michelle Donkin : Yes - I’ve done the Hot House thanks so much -getting some start up funding is on my list! They’re wonderful at Hot House - totally recommend.
11:56:00 From abigail : Thank you to Toni and everybody's wisdom!
11:56:12 From Cath James : Thanks so much Toni.
11:56:22 From Laura McD : thank you Toni - really interesting and inspiring.
11:56:53 From Jenni Lewin-Turner : totally agree and I’m on this!!
11:57:03 From Faith Dodkins : Thanks all x
11:57:10 From Karen Poley : Thanks everyone
11:57:18 From Jenni Lewin-Turner : thank you both for all your efforts
11:57:18 From Kate Laird : thanks all x
11:57:18 From Michelle Donkin : Thank you! xx
11:57:22 From Cath James : See you next time... thanks!