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* The “Teachable Moment” — Jim Cleland
* “Tell me a story…”
* YouTube YouTube YouTube
* Wiggle as many variables as you can and see what changes.
* How can solve this problem, so it doesn’t bother me anymore?
* Ways of learning something complicated
* — repetition, practice, practice, practice
* — memorization
* — Tell me a story
* — Understanding the fundamental concepts
* — Teachable moment, the moment you need that knowledge
* — How do I know?
* Your brain is wired to learn, feed it — Bob Wells
* We live in a world of Just In Time learning
* Learning should be like exercise, do 30 minutes every day
* I am getting to that point where I am suspicious of historical news media
* CNN is just rabid about going after Trump
* During Hurricane Florence, a News Weatherman is acting like he is bracing against the wind and two people just come casually walking by in the background.

The ways that work for me learning something
* Wrote memorization
* — Repeat it out loud, especially if I just need it for a short period of time, I can hear the echo in my mind
* — Making flash cards
* — just trying to focus on committing it to memory
* Repetition, especially of tasks or hard to remember things like passwords
* Practice, Practice, Practice… (Mossbarger - Seat Time, Seat Time, Seat Time)
* Pure Studying, sit down and read it.
* Understanding the fundamental principles
* Tell me a story, stories work for me.
* Teachable moment. That point in time when you need to learn something or you are interested in learning something.
* Sometimes in go through something, I will come to something where I have assumed its true and I will think “How do I know that?”
* As with many other things in life, practice will improve your confidence. - Andy Hope, Medium
* Sometimes, I need to divide the problem and take baby steps

Retaining Knowledge
* How do you keep from forgetting things that you have learned or keep from having to re-learn them?
* How can you store knowledge so you won’t lose it?
* How do you share the knowledge that you’ve learned, especially when you’ve learned something, forgot it, then have to re-learn it.
* How you can you organize notes and data so you can get at it?
* How can you keep data, notes, and knowledge moving with you as you go?

Desktop backgrounds
* Some desktop backgrounds really work for me, such as maps
* There are a lot of “quotes” wallpapers out there such “inspirational says”
* Maps work for me. I am not very distracted by them, but I learn them.

Big Picture List of Things I would like to Learn
* Statistics, Correlation is Not Causation
* Thermodynamics
* Psychology
* Signal Filtering
* Agile

* I need to keep trying new podcasts. For me, this is enjoyable learning even though it can take more time.

* If you learn how to learn, the world is open to you - Programming Throwdown podcast.

On Youtube
* How does RSA encryption work?
* How does SQLR work?
* How does Agile development work?

* Take small things and learn them in great detail

* There are two ways to learn complicated tasks, repeative involvement or rote memorization.

* We need not so much be told, as we need reminded - Mom

* ELF file format, write my own ELF loader
* MPEG-2 file format, write an MPEG-2 decoder to validate our L-3 Video Recording stream.

It seems like you can learn about anything on YouTube.

Videos to search for on YouTube, iTunesU
* Christian, Bible
* Kivy
* BeagleBoard
* MacSpice
* 3D printing
* Lathe tricks
* Agile Development, Agile Manifesto
* Thinking about Thinking
* Why projects fail
* Play the game at the search bar where you start typing “Why” or “How” and then a single letter to see what autofill results there are.