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> Ariane 5; JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) launch from Kourou, possibly on an Ariane 6.

JUNE 23:
> BepiColombo Mercury gravity assist.

+> SLS Block 1 Launch from KSC Pad 39B of the 9-day/4 astronaut Artemis 2 mission, carrying the 1st manned Orion MPCV into space and around the Moon.

= Planned launch of ESA's Euclid astronomy mission on a Soyuz rocket from Kourou to the L2 Lagrange point.

South Korea plans to launch a lunar orbiter.

AUGUST 06 -22:
> Planned launch of the NASA/MDA (Canadian) Psyche mission to the metallic asteroid 16 Psyche.

A commercial rocket will possibly deliver the first element (an 8-9 mT Power and Propulsion Element, PPE) of the LOP-G (Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway/Deep Space Gateway) into lunar orbit.

> DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will impact the Didymos asteroid moon to test deflection of an asteroid

) Planned launch of ESA's Biomass Earth radar-observation satellite.

> Possible launch of NASA's VIPER (Volatiles Investigation Polar Exploration Rover)

2 0 2 2 - T.B.D:
- China plans to launch the 3rd module of a new space station (Tiangong 3) into orbit on a Long March 5 booster.
This 2nd laboratory module completes China's new station.

Possible launch on a Vulcan rocket of a Bigelow Aerospace B330 'Lunar Depot' into low lunar orbit.

% Planned first unmanned launch of Russia's next-generation 'Federation' spacecraft, intended to replace the soyuz capsules.

% Planned first test launch of the new two-stage Soyuz 5 rocket.

% Planned SpaceX Super Heavy + Starship first orbital flight.

> The BoldlyGo Institute plans to launch the SCIM (Sample Collection to Investigate Mars) mission to Mars to collect atmospheric dust samples during an 'aeropass' on 7 October 2022.