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# Planned launch of ESA's Bartolomeo ISS module.

> Atlas 5 411; planned launch of ESA's Solar Orbiter from SLC-41, Cape Canaveral.

> BepiColombo Earth gravity assist enroute to Mercury.

JULY 04:
> OSIRIS-REx will use its robotic arm to obtain a sample of asteroid Bennu. It wil be returned to Earth in September 2023.

> Planned launch on a Japanese H-2A rocket from Tanegasshima of the UAE Mars Hope orbiter to study the Martian Atmosphere.

> Planned launch of the ESA/Russian ExoMars mission rover on a Proton rocket from Baikonur. It will search for traces of life and characterize the nature of the surface environment.

JULY 17 (-AUG.05):
> NASA plans to launch the Mars 2020 Rover and drone helicopter Mission to the Red Planet on an Atlas 5 (541) from Cape Canaveral SLC 41. (Landing on Mars Feb. 2021)
The rover will collect samples that will be returned to Earth by a future Mars mission ( perhaps in 2026).

> China plans to launch a mission to Mars that will include an orbiter and a surface rover.

> The BoldlyGo Institute plans to launch the SCIM (Sample Collection to Investigate Mars) mission to Mars to collect atmospheric dust samples during an 'aeropass' on 7 October 2022.
The samples will return to Earth on Feb 17 2023.

! Falcon Heavy; AFSPC-52 USAF satellite launch.

> BepiColombo Venus gravity assist enroute to Mercury.

~ Falcon Heavy; Swedish communications satellite launch.

> Planned return to Earth of Japan's Hayabusa 2 probe, landing in the Australian outback, carrying samples from asteroid 162173 Ryugu (1999 JU3).

2 0 2 0 - T.B.D.:

) Planned launch of ESA's Biomass Earth radar-observation satellite.

+> The Golden Spike Company (USA) plans to begin manned missions to the Lunar surface.

= Planned launch of ESA's Euclid astronomy mission on a Soyuz rocket from Kourou to the L2 Lagrange point.

- Possible first launch of Japan's new H-3 rocket.

- Possible first launch of China's new medium-lift Long March 8.

- China plans to launch the 2nd module of a new space station (Tiangong 3) into orbit on a Long March 5 booster.
After this laboratory module, the 3rd module will be launched in 2022.

% ESA hopes to launch the unmanned Space Rider spaceplane on a Vega rocket from Kourou.

- Planned first launch of the new Ariane 6 rocket.

^ Blue Origin expects to begin flying paying passengers on its reusable suborbital New Shepard vehicle.

# Planned launch of Bigelow's BA-330 expandable module ' 'XBASE' on an Atlas 5 (552). Bigelow intends to berth the module to the ISS.

> A Long March 5 will launch Chang'e 6 sample return mission to the far side of the Moon; China's 2nd lunar sample return mission.

% Possible first test flight from Cape Canaveral of the DARPA XSP / XS-1 Boeing 'Phantom Express' unmanned reusable Experimental Spaceplane.

> Moon Express plans to launch the first commercial lunar sample- return mission.

] GOES-R weather satellite launch.

> Planned launch on a Atlas 5 of the Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander to the moon. It is one of the former Google Lunar X PRIZE contenders.

2 0 2 0 - 2 0 2 1 TBD:
- Planned first launch of the Cyclone-4M rocket, from Canso, Nova Scotia.

%> Planned first launch of NASA's new heavy-lift Space Launch System, SLS-1 (Block 1), from KSC Pad 39B, on the Artemis 1 (Exploration Mission 1) Orion (+ European Service Module) flight.
The SLS-1 / Artemis 1 mission will be equipped with the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) upper stage (derived from the Delta 4 2nd stage), powered by a single Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10.
13 deep-space nano satellites (like the solar sailing NEA Scout Near Earth Asteroid mission) will also be deployed from the stage adapter ring.
The unmanned Orion MPCV capsule will splash down in the Pacific Ocean after the 25-42 day lunar orbital mission.
The EM-1 mission might be launched on a commercial rocket in case of further SLS delays.