Notes on Ted:

Shai Reshef: An ultra-low-cost college degree

Shai Reshef is founder of University of the People, an online university where classes are offered in business admin and computer science to students with just a high school diploma.

Courses are low cost where the average exam is around $100 (US). The model leverages OER and has no brick and mortar campuses, thus bypassing standard costs with traditional physical institutions. Staff and faculty are volunteers and dedicate their knowledge as well as course material.

Capacity is managed by limiting classes to 30 students and educators are encouraged to lend assistance where it is most needed. Peer-to-peer learning offsets the instructor's direct input allowing for a more engaged educational environment.

Technology requirements are a low-band Internet connection, since courses don't incorporate video or audio.

At the time of this talk, People's University received full accreditation.