FN NANO application tips


FN Nano should be applied like paint with a brush, roller or sprayer. For interior rooms, roller and brush should be adequat. A sprayer is useful for exteriors or large rooms (convention centers, theatres)

The application of FN Nano needs care for these specific reasons.

  1. Watery: FN is watery; it is not a thick consistency so it should be applied with a roller that is squeezed-out before applying. Dip it into the paint in a roller tray, then roll back and force with pressure to squeeze-out the excess. First rolled application for an area should be from the bottom, going upward, to make sure nothing drips, then crosswise.

  2. Shaking: The titanium dioxide must be mixed well, so before using, shake aggressively for one minute. And then shake before each pouring into the roller tray. Roller trays are better than a bucket because the titanium dioxide might settle deeply into the bucket.

  3. Complete coverage: We require 3 coatings for the guarantee. But also, if you miss some spaces, they might appear dirty and the rest of the wall will appear clean which may make the client think that the dirty area is a malfunction of the FN coating.

  4. Preparation of the wall: the wall must be clean and with no paint chipping. This may require that you wash the wall with a biocide like bleach before applying FN Nano. Or you might need to apply deep penetration if the wall is not solid. Or you might need to apply a primer coating (white) before applying FN Nano.

  5. Testing the are: Because some paints might have biological material in them (10% of paints) it is imperative that you test an area prior to coating the full wall. Biological materials, like some glues/binders, will disintegrate under the FN Nano and leave spots on the wall.

Please watch this video before applying FN Nano.


Please read the instruction pamphlet.

Application Instructions FN NANO 20200612.docx (4.2 MB)