Best New Horror #26

Yessirree, it’s a fact. Not long after celebrating the record-breaking publication of the 25th annual edition of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR edited by Stephen Jones (watch out for the special signed edition of that baby early in 2015) Constable & Robinson announced the series’ cancellation due to a lack of support from American co-publishers. PS is already reprinting the first five volumes of BEST NEW HORROR (co-edited by Jones with Ramsey Campbell) in revised and updated paperback editions during the title’s anniversary year, and we had been discussing such a possible scenario with Stephen Jones for some time and so when the decision was made we lost no time at all in making an offer to take over the series.

As I said in the press release sent out earlier this week, we’re all delighted here at PS Towers by PS’ acquisition of horror fiction’s ‘Best Of.’ Christmas really did come early this year. In a morass of so-called experts and a plethora of annual reprint volumes, Steve’s BEST NEW HORROR shines like a beacon through the gloom that hangs over the much-maligned field of horror literature. We look forward to taking this title to new heights and to working with Steve on many other exciting projects in the coming year. The first PS volume (#26) is due out in hardcover (and subsequently paperback) towards the end of 2015.

Let’s give the last word on the subject to the ubiquitous Mr. Jones: “I am delighted that BEST NEW HORROR has found a perfect home with my old friends at PS Publishing. They have already set the standard with their reprint programme of earlier editions of the book (the first two are out, with more to come), and I look forward to showcasing the high quality fiction we established with Robinson at PS over the coming years.”