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JUNE 20:
> BepiColombo Mercury gravity assist.

> OSIRIS-REx sample return from asteroid Bennu. The parachute landing will be at the Utah Test and Training Range.

2 0 2 3 - T.B.D.:
% First unmanned test flight of Russia's new Federation spacecraft intended to replace the manned Soyuz capsule.

Psychy - Mars gravity assist.

+> SpaceX plans to launch a group of private passengers around the Moon aboard a 'Starship' on the #dearMoon mission.

> Possible launch of the Europa Clipper / lander on an SLS block-1 (SMS-1) or other rocket.

> A Long March 5 will launch Chang'e 6 sample return mission to the far side of the Moon; China's 2nd lunar sample return mission.