FAQs - Envato Remix #3

Frequently Asked Questions

Musical Remix & Performance Contest

  • Q. Can I also submit my entry to AudioJungle?
  • Sure! Getting your item submitted or approved on AudioJungle is not a necessary component of the contest however. Please note our usual submission guidelines will apply - simply make your work unique and to a proficient commercial quality level.

  • Q. Can the chord progression be radically changed prior to the performance?
  • No, the backing track is meant to be used “as is”, allowing you to compose and arrange your piece around it.

  • Q. Can I loop the file?
  • Yes, although we’d recommend writing material around it rather than looping it more than a couple times. Be creative!

  • Q. Can I change tempo?
  • Yes! You can.

  • Q. Can I change the key?
  • Yes, you can transpose the MIDI file.

  • Q. What instrument(s) can I perform?
  • Whatever you like! Guitar, piano, bass, drums, or even everyone’s favorite, the ukulele!

  • Q. Can I perform more than one instrument?
  • Yes! If you’d like, you can overlay or transition yourself playing more than one part, or more than one instrument, but this is completely optional.

  • Q. Can you recommend any tutorials that might help me with this contest?
  • Absolutely! Tuts+ have many tutorials that can help including: