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https://overcast.fm/+RrQoOOoY 30 mins snorkel ai

https://overcast.fm/+tCB2CIYPk 20 mins marc andreesen remote work

https://overcast.fm/+L0d0eRfhE ngt on writing 22 mins

https://overcast.fm/+rTsUi0J0o 50 mins on choice not comparison

https://overcast.fm/+Jej5uPwrw 21 mins how to die well

https://overcast.fm/+rra4f1qMo synbio explanation 10mins

https://tim.blog/2021/06/08/peter-attia-2/ 40 mins on the 3 levers of fasting

https://overcast.fm/+oIe9ivKfA katqlin kariko mrna

https://delian.substack.com/p/operators-ep-27-nilam-ganenthiran how instacart handled covid

magnification of small diffs https://overcast.fm/+L0YUUvpko

https://overcast.fm/+YsrbhCq0E 54 mins policygenius content strategy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YbcB6b4A2U 1h 39 braintree founding story

https://overcast.fm/+B2Hq34_Lc poetry 20 mins

https://www.3books.co/chapters/22 chef vs cook tim urban 1hr mark
https://www.3books.co/chapters/22 tim urban love vs like - 1hr 44 mins

https://overcast.fm/+E44Wa2Z40 27 mins starting nerdfitness

https://overcast.fm/+Ylhkuxnpw 30mins end of globalization

https://youtu.be/U8uXVHygx44 3 things everyone wants

https://overcast.fm/+Rhza6pE_Q eth2 8mins
merge 41mins

https://overcast.fm/+eZyAwm28w eth mev 50 mins

https://player.fm/series/hanselminutes-with-scott-hanselman/design-systems-with-jina-anne what is a design system

https://egghead.io/podcasts/alex-reardon-on-balancing-work-life-and-large-side-projects negotiating side projects 15 mins

https://overcast.fm/+ZSLbQz6Hw 10 mins jeff lawson origin story and the shows story

https://overcast.fm/+L0d1tq4wU cialdini on contrast and anchoring - 13 mins in

https://overcast.fm/+JyEDcJWc 4mins in discuss angel portfolio math

https://overcast.fm/+B1yIWgIUk enterprisereadyio story 19 mins

apple pie positions https://overcast.fm/+SuyHNSVhY 5ish mins in

https://mebfaber.com/2021/05/14/e311-radio-show/ 3 minutes found money found money startups

https://overcast.fm/+rTsXwmeUA 1h 5mins impatience with action patience with results

https://designdetails.fm/episodes/7RL459Ke 8 minutes - proof of curiosity - learn in public

https://youtu.be/jVkLVRt6c1U f you pay me

https://a16z-live.simplecast.com/episodes/one-on-one-with-a-and-z-8 marca on agi 30 mins

https://overcast.fm/+b1V1guBD8 23 mins greg mckowen virality vs energy

https://overcast.fm/+HFHVC0Hns 18 mins lenny rat husky racecar framework

origin of tech debt metaphor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqeJFYwnkjE

tofu mofu bofu metrics https://overcast.fm/+JyHt1c7I 20 mins in

https://overcast.fm/+JmiPv_PrI bitclout first 8 mins

18 mins shipping ipod
29 mins tech debt quit story
45 mins knowing the stack

https://nathanbarry.com/030-sam-parr-growing-2m-subscribers-selling-newsletter/ 48 mins - sam parr's $800k email

https://constine.substack.com/p/how-the-creator-crisis-forced-artists jack conte on creators vs influencers 20 mins in

https://overcast.fm/+YsrbZfXm4 robinhood founding 40 mins

radical transparency lampshading https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/everyone-hates-marketers/id1221256195

get spencer rascoff interview on satya nadella. user focus not competitor focus

spencer rascoff on spacs https://overcast.fm/+RWpv4tXUg 1h 35mins

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1507293907?i=1000471392336 bchesky rescue of airbnb

why big companies make bad products https://youtu.be/p6PgHFS48gY

axios recap on presbyterian ceo - storytelling

the case against duty free https://overcast.fm/+Jm3WRBk_s 15 min

integrity in tech https://www.arresteddevops.com/yelling-at-cloud/ 40 mins mp3 https://content.blubrry.com/arresteddevops/arrested-devops-podcast-episode084.mp3

https://futureofcoding.org/episodes/011 34mins 1st or 2nd big milestone

origin stories
- lex fridman - jason
- allinpod - vlad tenev

onlyfans ph podcast 38 minutes

merrics that matter stripe story https://businessofsoftware.org/2020/10/metrics-matter-matt-lerner-online/