Business-System Development Bubbles Connector

Ribamar Santarosa, Amsterdam Netherlands,

Welcome. Business and system development live in two separate bubbles. These pages are an effort to connect them. Here you find the pages that I dedicate to business, professional, software and its management affairs (I am currently paid to write and define software). The barycenter is the point where business touches logic, development and philosophy. Do not expect to find here posts in marketing-language, as the typical posts coming through your Linkedin feed.

Expect to find here strong opinion regarding delicate taboos, controversies, polemics, criticisms, some fun and sarcasm about corporate processes and technical decisions. If you're ever the subject, remember to get them as a challenge for an action (I'll humbly update any post after a reaction).


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first update: 2019.01.08
last update: 2019.01.28

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