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- The Meg (2018).
20/09/2018 Terrible film. Don't bother.

- Pacific Rim 2 (2018). March 23, 2018

- Flatliners 2017 (Watched 08/01/2018)
I don't remember it being as shit as this was.

- Escape Room (Watched 08/01/2018)
What a load of shit.

- Carnage Park Watched 16/07/2016.
Sort of a Tarantino feel to it - bit weird, but a bit sick too. Not great viewing fun, but managed to watch it to the end.

- Kung Foo Panda 3.
Decent film. Quite enjoyed this one. Date Watched 28/02/2016.

- Social Network (24/06/2011), Alot of really fast talking about not alot.

- The Fighter (2010)

- Paul (2011)

- Wreck-it Ralph (2012) (Good kids film.).

- The Croods seen (2012)

- Dallas Buyers club:
Wasn't expecting this kind of film (if I had been I would have never gone to see it not my cup of tea). Wasn't bad though and kept me more entertained than wolf of Wall Street did. Don't watch if your tired as you will definitely drop off!

- Taken 2. (watched Jan 2013). Brilliant film. Liked it as much as the first if not more :)

24/02/2013 22:47:13 - Lawless, good film, quite liked this one, it reminded me of last man standing which is an awesome film. I think mum and dad would like this one.

24/02/2013 22:48:23 - The Watch, wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Even made it to the end which was a surprise!

- Warrior. Really good film.

- Alpha & Omega.
Pretty slow for a Kids film, animation was a bit naff and the story wasn't anything out of the ordinary that hasn't been done a thousand times before.
Few jumpy bits, seen it all before even the story is familiar and all the way through I kept wondering if I had seen it before.

- Pacific Rim. 28/07/2013 Really good film, glad we went to see it in 3D IMAX.

Non-Stop. This was a bit too far-fetched to be believable. Think Liam Neeson has overdone the cop with a problem role now.

Noah - One of the most racist films I have ever seen (only white people survie)! Scientifically flawed as the gene pool would be severely depelted with all the incest going on. Decent effects, glad I didn't pay for IMAX though and what were those rock monster things? I had never heard of them before. Bit of shit story really, its just a contradiction to the God loves and forgives everyone theory – he just killed the lot of them. Might have understood it if I was religious? Or just stupid?

- Spiderman 2. Decent kids film, good CGI and a few good 3D effects. There wasn't much of a story just a muddle from the previous three (so to me this was like watching Spiderman 4).

- The quiet ones. Shit story, nothing that's not been done before, but there were plenty of jumpy bits and keept me on the edge of my seat waiting for it to make me jump. Wouldn't work if watched on DVD though as there was nothing scary about it just the shock factor when the was a loud noise or something coming at the screen you didn't expect.

- The Colony. Very much like 30 days of night, but not quite as good.

- The Tall Man.
What a load of rubbish, wasn't scary at all and just made you confused with the "clever" twist as that's all the film was about. Don't bother wasting your time on this one.

- The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
What a pile of shit this was.

Not a great film, just reminded me of the 80's Poltergiest film.

- Bad Neighbours. Bit like American Pie, but with that fat annoying bloke. Can relate to the story though! lol.

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