Community Food Forest

Interested in setting up a community food forest? A list of what you will need and useful things.

  1. People!
    A small, dedicated core of people who have the grit to see the project through.
  2. Aims
    A clear idea of what kind of food forest you want, with simple and achievable goals.
  3. Volunteers
    More people, invaluable for the grunt work required. Gardening clubs are a good place to look, and cake is a worthy incentive.
  4. Land
    A site for the food forest. It needs to have secure land tenure for the project to have stability, and not rely solely on goodwill. Depending on your site, access and security may be an issue.
  5. Official support
    Get the town/county/city council onside and supporting your cause. Promote your garden in the local press, which also helps get more volunteers.

Useful things

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