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a1.whiteRoom is a young company with a modern, flat organizational structure where, also by veto management, employees participate in operating the company, thus ensure that good ideas can and will be realised. The range of products and services is progressive and diverse, complementing each other in the fields of software engineering, marketing, communication and shareOffice for start-ups.

Products and projects:

Our products and projects easyGoing, communication and safety technology, shareOffice, open-artStudios, pictic-cafe meetingPoint, gallery EMPTINESS, and the environmental project uisceadoir are all interlinked with each other to create a high level of flexibility.

Particularly the shareOffice section with it's start-ups enables cooperation and affords our product development access to resources and know-how without putting a strain on our own resources thus creating extraordinary synergy effects.

We see us as a creative team (iCreativeLAB) having enabled whiteRoom making every effort to organize it so that all participants can happily use it. whiteRoom website

We believe in the future of the internet, an internet of privacy, safe communication, simple usability, an internet that can develop freely.

This is what we are working towards.

multiEngine@easygoing + iNet-tasksPro™

task is the platform of the future: safe and simple to use, both privately and professionally. With our platform we make happen what others only claim.

Click here for the description of products and projects.

a1.whiteRoom evaluation and economic viability:

Our business operation has an exceptionally stable economic foundation which is permanently secured thanks to a unique constellation of fortunate circumstances.

  • 1. All operational resources such as server environment, software products including usage rights, premises etc. are in place already and available to us permanently for a small monthly contribution (low fixed costs). Having been granted the rights to the software project free of charge by its developer as well as having been able to procure other resources such as premises long term at extremely low fixed costs, we are in the fortunate position of being able to bring products and services on the market at an incomparably low price and to operate at high profit margins.

  • 2. We believe 100% in the success of our product and our work. This is demonstrated by the fact that we privately invested over €250,000 in the project already. Thanks to this investment DaM-whiteRoom is in the comfortable position of not having incurred any bank liabilities.

  • 3. Due to the very attractive membership contribution system we expect a high market relevance without the need to rely on advertising revenue as is common practice of most Internet companies. Any additional capital will not be sourced from banks but through attractive shareholder packages. This allows not only investors, but also employees, partners and members to participate. As a result, we are well positioned even in economically difficult times.

Membership fees for the entire easygoing system Basic version €5 per month, Pro version €15 per month, Business version with server capacity €35 per person per month

multiEngine easyGoing description

Comparison G-Suite and multiEngine@easyGoing

Comparison versions

Share certificates and shareholder packages:


The following shareholder packages are available at an issue price of €3 per share:

share packages

  • Package 1 - 20 shares = €60
  • Package 2 - 50 shares = €150
  • Package 3 - 100 shares = €300
  • Package 4 - 500 shares = €1,500
  • Package 5 - 1,000 shares = €3,000
  • Package 6 - 5,000 shares = €15,000
  • Package 7 - 10,000 shares = €30,000

Yield forecast

Due to the optimal conditions a1.whiteRoom offers such as diversification, excellent services at an attractive price, additional rental revenue, and an unrivalled great value software product offering many unique selling points, as well as an annual sales expectancy of around €3 million by its third year of operation, we are in a position to publish a modest but excellent yield forecast (doubling the value of the share certificates in approx. 2 - 3 years).

For anyone subscribing to the packages of €15,000 (5,000 shares) and €30,000 (10,000 shares) we are offering for a period of 6 weeks only starting 15th March 2017 a bonus of 1,000 founder shares ex gratia. These shares are not available on the open market as they are reserved for partners, co-founders, and co-workers.

Data security:

Security is a major concern for us. The personal information of members, employees, partners, shareholders, and start-ups hosted with us, is completely safe: we cannot and do not wish to view or evaluate data.

More information at +353-86-3655677

a1.whiteRoom Ltd. Marine Stores Unit3 Square, Castletownbere / Beara, Co. Cork Ireland

email: a1@whiteroom.ie