Visualize IT Work Status

Target overlap
***Add recent batches: Man,WOT 6,TM 34S,US,FDF 6S
Download RR room4 and add.
Simon at FDF 2 more floors.
Countertop demo?
Initial Hebrew rugs screen
Sayal partial Stanton
SMMR remove product
Move target down away from the top left slider and top-right tools.
Update Mannington now have server access.
TM: Setup simple filtering from xml
WOT: Filters?
Tiles: Stop wall-only tiles on floor etc.
Protect the plugins with specific date for client's (and FF).
Switch demo/ctd/wot/tm to non dev version of plugin

Have added surface and where (and more?) to save data but what if load old saved room?
Maybe simply change save version (but make sure not taking up too much storage), so delete old as well?
Auto handle moving targets if in the way.

* 17-Nov-2021: Emailed Danielle about getting access to their server for installation and asked about full width or runners on stairs.
* 08-Nov-2021: Updated the test link for the new 'colorwaycode=' and product page links.
* 08-Nov-2021: Sent them a list of image filenames we have that we can't match to their spreadsheet.
Send a few ones that don't repeat to Heather.
* Added their textures as they were ready to go.
* There are a few textures that have no match in their spreadsheet.
Email from Danielle on 18th May saying she is still waiting on feedback their end on our queries.
Querying with Danielle about how the images and spreadsheet link up (email 05-May-2021).
Have got smaller images from Danielle.
Have spreadsheet from Danielle but images were too big so asked for smaller ones.

* Rejected as stretched wrongly.
* Sent batch 2 to Sayal.
* Waiting on new Mustang and Mustang/ Perseverance
* 05-Nov-2021: Got the product page linking and added.
* There are a few more images for them to get to us (at the end of the spreadsheet).
* Emailed Jim to ask if there is anything we need to do to get this live and to tell him about the sku passing and product details linking.

* 17-Nov-2021: Sent Alice test link with new sizes and repeats (the renames ware done but only showing latest batch at the moment).
* 10-Nov-2021: Scaled and sent Alice a test link so she can comment on scaling before we address repeat issues.
* Have Batch 7 from Sayal.
* There is an issue with the rugs not having the carpet running in the right direction.

* 11-Nov-2021: Sent 2 new rooms to Heather
* 08-Nov-2021: Chased Kirsty for categories info for batch 6 and to check the renders.
* * 28-Oct-2021 Have discontinued and renamed some (and re-run the thumbnails), just need server access.
* Sent Batch 6 to Sayal.

* 25-Oct-2021: Updated the new visualiser live in place of their old one and emailed Paul.
Sent Paul the version with social share on 06-Sep-2021
27-Aug Sent Paul a list of our current filters so he can add some.
Need to correctly handle POOL grids and outside tiles.
Red lines around pool overlay?

* 02-Nov-2021: Emailed Colin as had no response and checked if they still want us to host.
* 25-Oct-2021: Updated the new visualiser 'live'. We are hosting so told Colin about linking to it generally and via and the product page.
* Queried with Sophie whether she wants the new batches in the visualiser to check or on the live simple visualiser.
* Need to mask mirror? Rooms removed at the moment. OFFER alt rooms?
* Got batch 33 from Sayal & Heather so needs adding.
* Is now redirecting to and using the new 'pass in sku' visualiser.
* Sent Sayal and Heather their parts of batch 33
* Need to build a WOT type full visualiser (are they going to keep the simple one?)
* Matt has updated the xml so updated live and tested a few and emailed Sophie.
* The xml has been Have all the other 4 batches setup locally here but Sophie is getting them added to the xml so I can run the thumbnails and test (only 35 are in the xml).
* She emailed Matt on 26-Apr-2021.
The csv on their server only goes up to batch 28 so not sure how any recent ones were tested (maybe they regressed their end)??
Looks like most of batch 29 was also in batch 32. Sophie did say there may be some duplicates but I did find one where the duplicate has 3 instead of 1 variation so this is very much a 'new' one. And it's not up to us to check if they are duplicates!
The popup mini-visualiser is on their staging server ready for them to use.
They are apparently happy with it but nothing has happened with it.
Will need to think about their full visualiser and the GUI and how we standardise and work out how much to include.

* Updated Jerry with new textures.
Have sent us replacements for existing wood so sent to Sayal (11-Oct-2021).
Chased when going live on 17th September. They replied saying they are a bit slow at the moment.
Jerry will have some replacement images to send (see email 17th September)

* Emailed Heather as there are still 2 casegood areas she hasn't swapped texture direction on.

Emailed Miguel as issue with xml loading ok but null (14-Oct-2021).
* 2 woods with Sayal
* Waiting on mask from Heather
* M&P deciding on tile alignment etc. for room2
Sent Gary and Heather 2 rooms as Robyn wants the shower trays mappable.
Sent Robyn the adjusted rooms (and new/adjusted tiles) to check but Gary hasn't done the lighting yet.
Sent 2 back to Sayal as grout gaps are wrong.
Stock rooms are with Gary & Heather for mods.
Queried with Alberto the missing info (email 15-Jul-2021).
* MASTER - WOT Processing with VIT Comments In Purple (16-Mar-2021).numbers:
We have this spreadsheet (that has had VIT comments added) but doesn't have wall/floor so we will need that, but it has filter info
* Tiles Missing Products.xlsx
This has gloss/matt and wall/floor but no filtering.
* Missing Wood products (with sizes).xlsx
Has gloss/matt and sizes but no other filter info
* There are more batch 7 to go to Sayal.
* Sent batch 6 to Sayal as have sizes (a few we can't process as not face on).
* Asked Alberto for the sizes for some of batch 6 which we are waiting on maybe getting some better images (not yet sent to Sayal).
* Waiting on Alberto to maybe get better images.
* Need to build GUI based on the mobile GUI but with outline walls.
* Finger zoom needed? (Or maybe only wall outlining on desktop?)
* Just fill areas and no single tiles and tile areas etc. initially.
All tiles processed.

Batch 5 live.
Kirsty is getting strange order sample redirects.

* Have batch 7 (and 6) but emailed Simon etc as not in xml feed (Simon said not on site yet so I asked him to email me when they are)
* Have 2 planks from Sayal to add (batch 6).
* Have Heather and Sayal's batch 5s but email the FDF team as they are not in the xml feed.

* Now have access so update.
* Batch 32 updated locally but need server access to test and make live.
* Previous few batches may need updating on their server.


Added latest batch 4 to live link and updated to ignore the ones they tag as not live.

On hold I believe (Sayal had processed some but told Heather to wait).

Need to get 'rugs' working on walls (wizzy).

* Mark said they are working on another urgent project until 1st July (see email 09-Jun-2021)
* Chased Steven on 09-Jun-2021
* Have sent Steven 2 processed patterned patterned carpets (a Wilton and a larger patterned one showing the full repeat) for them to check.
* Michael is sending Wilton images (via their link system), we have the spreadsheet (batch 12).
* Steven sent more planks (batch11) but I asked for better images showing full length planks on 25-May-2021. And need sizes.
* On 13th May sent Colm a toned down Room111 lighting file (from Gary) for his feedback and also asked if there are any other rooms with issues.
* Have greyed out the lighting and highlights files for all rooms.
* Updated Room111 so doesn't load the highlights file.
* The patterned carpets will come later when we get the bigger images showing the full repeat.
* Need to get them the latest floor code plugin.
Mark now has all textures.

* Colour and layer updates being tested by them.
* Need to quote on extras.

Finish and add mobile under finger zoom.

Any tiles will do, show with auto walls and manual (when done WOT).

* On the demo link:

* 11-Nov-2021: Added and live.
* 10-Nov-2021: Updated test link with new rugs.
* Not for a couple of months.
* Build translation system into mobile GUI.
Build visualiser with rugs.

Fix stairs.

* Have some more images but can use what we have.
* Need to build into our mobile GUI for auto find walls and get the sprites working on the walls (like rugs?).

* All recent batches are live.
* Amy is leaving!
Amy is happy with the batch 5 (Floortex) on the test link.
I scaled a few carpets to a different size to what Amy said (i.e. not 2 feet).
There are still a few from batch 4 (that has been invoiced) that Amy has not been able top get a full pattern repeat for (in 'Need Full Pattern Repeat' folders).

* 'Quick selector' and stairs support updated on test link (email 10 Dec).

* Not Yet Signed
Build new GUI.

Get floors and stairs working together (mini engine rebuild combing with new tiles GUI?).