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Jason Oleham:

Amateur Extra Class Operator

Raspberry Pi Enthusiast

Developer of Build a Pi

YouTuber -

Jason is a huge fan of the tiny little Raspberry Pi computer and uses them on a daily basis for all things ham radio. During the early years of learning Linux and the Pi, he was often frustrated with the complexity and various ways to install applications. Another pain point was online tutorials that often assumed the user had previous experience with Linux. With no formal computer programming training, he began to write Build a Pi (BAP). BAP is a Linux script written in Bash that makes it as easy as possible for someone with little to no Linux experience to get a Raspberry Pi up and running with ham radio applications. The script does the heavy lifting for you. Jason's primary modes of operation are JS8call, Winlink, and APRS. Interested to know what got him into ham radio? This video explains the tragic event.