iNet-tasksPro for members

What is iNet-tasksPro able to do?

  • Access to any task from anywhere, any device, any system, web-based
  • Joint work on joint projects with any number of people, privately as well as professionally
  • A clear and user-friendly design
  • Any required differentiation of projects and tasks into partial projects and/or sub-tasks
  • 5 A unique and simple conversion of emails and documents into tasks from anywhere and any system
  • Notification about alterations and appointments automatically per email
  • Simplified creation of appointments and recurrent appointments
  • Automatical synchronisation of platforms and most of calendar systems such as iCal, ownCloud/pflogCloud, Google calendar, OutLook
  • Assignment of priorities through colour coding
  • Progress bar/length of process, time tracking
  • Collaboration on and sharing of projects and tasks
  • Addition of comments and attachments such as files, websites, emails
  • Simple categorising, attaching tags, assignment of projects, tasks, notes on global project planning or regulations
  • Assigning special tasks to special projects, persons and teams
  • Assigning planning of projects and responsibilities
  • Sharing of files
  • Create notes on projects and tasks
  • Neat search within groups, projects, and lists of tasks
  • Sorting: magic sorting, target date, backward, by priority, heading, heading backward
  • To-do schedule, adjustable daily, for several days, upcoming days, months on data selection
  • Creating favourites
  • Keeping track of accountable processes
  • Updating indication of headings and hierarchies in the course of entering data
  • Font size of modifiable
  • iCalender and RSS
  • Individual adjustment of languages English, German
  • Post-office boxes for automatical accessing any remote post-office boxes/email addresses
  • Adjustment for blog contributions:
    HTML format toolbar
    Wordpress contributions on Wordpress blogs
    contributions on movable-type blogs
    contributions on DrupalBlogs
    contributions on BloggerBlog,
    contributions on live-Journal,
    contributions on BZ-Blog
  • Creation of templates
  • Selection of users and teams to be notified when saving tasks
  • Hierarchy of tasks by lists, emails, RSS files and iCalender ads
  • Adjustment of allowed size of files in Byte
  • Timekeeping
  • Private activation can be made accessible to users and groups within single projects, tasks, and sub-tasks and vice versa
  • Conversion of tasks into notes
  • Creation of lists of upcoming tasks, notification about upcoming tasks per email. Recurring until tasks are completed or date has been changed
  • Mail-to function
  • Messenger
  • Integrated target date (doodle)
  • Integration of OwnCloud/pflogCloud of users
  • collaboration
  • Notes - simple, web-based notes usable from any device,
  • sharing, publishing, sent per email
  • MRBS-Share: sharing of rooms and resources of persons within studiob project
  • calendars
  • Creation of CronJobs
  • Screen shots, FAQ system and support in German and English