The Spirit Gate

by Daniel Logan

Book title: The Spirit Gate (Book 3 Ancient Secrets)
Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
Publisher: EnergyNet
Publish date: July 2014
Price: $12.95 (Paperback) | $5.99 (eBook)
Keywords: Time Travel, Chaco Canyon, Shaman, Ancient Civilizations, Ansible

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Concluding novel in the author's Ancient Secrets series, preceded by The First Migration and The Lost Portal

Darren Stewart, a NASA director, and his wife, Tracey, a former presidential press secretary, have been missing for three years along with their fellow time travelers, ever since they departed in a refurbished time ship and traveled to a point in time nearly a thousand years ago to explore the Anasazi culture at Chaco Canyon during its peak.

Darren and Tracey planned to study the water conservation techniques of the Anasazi and to learn the reason for that culture’s mysterious and abrupt disappearance. Archaeo-astronomer Jane Bowen wanted to prove the Chaco pueblos concealed an enigmatic alignment with the Gate of God—located at the crossing of the Milky Way and the pathway of the planets, the ecliptic. Another traveler, Aaron Eaglecloud, a Hopi shaman, longed to discover the roots of his Native American mythology.

Waiting anxiously at home for the return of his parents, Dwy and family friend, Skeeter, worry that the travelers are marooned and face starvation or even death from the marauding enemies of the Chaco natives. Perhaps not even their faith can return them safely home.