AtPerry's Healing Crystals Hottest Online Jewelry Shop

Perry Valentine the owner of the AtPerry's Healing Crystals online boutique, would like to share his love with jewelry, and the importance of healing crystals, custom Designs, and community.

He believes in being hands-on. Not only does he custom his jewelry pieces, both for a certain collection and custom designs, but also handpicks any piece of jewelry stocked in his shop, AtPerry's Healing Crystals.

His healing crystals and gemstones store, which opened in 2015, has served its customer focusing on giving the best customer service possible with FREE shipping worldwide. He believes in family values and wanted to focus on customer relationship first.

He wanted to create a long-lasting legacy.

It's not a small feat for a small online business to last 4 years. Small, local businesses like AtPerry's Healing Crystals make up the lion's share of healing crystals jewelry industry.

His business thrived through the years because of being customer oriented.

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