AmRRON: What's it all about? - PART ONE
Published: 07-21-19

A Nationwide Emergency Communications Network for Preppers & Patriots


Back in 2015 I had looked into the whole AmRRON concept and tried to form an understanding of the "big picture" from the content there, but came away confused and without direction.

Fast forward to today... I paid $40.00 to access the AmRRON Corps level of information in another attempt to see if the group had come any farther along in realizing a network of communicators across the nation and I'm presenting here is what I've found.

Fast Forward to the 2019 T-REX (TEOTWAWKI - Readiness EXercise)

Just so happens, that as my interest in AmRRON was peaking again, their annual T-REX exercise where they simulate an "Event" that causes loss of normal comms was only 5 days out (Jul 26-28) so what better chance to see how well the system is working?

T-REX is a simulation of what AmRRON was designed to be, an alternate form of comms in a regional event or "The End Of The World As We Know It" (TEOTWAWKI) event such as America after a HEMP attack, if you can't think of any scenario on your own.

When looking for past T-REX summaries I had little luck going through menus on but a search for T-REX found what I was looking for, namely the preceding T-REX AARs. Only 2017 was very useful in showing a breakdown of the exercise comms though.

It's interesting to see the breakdown of how comms went during the 2017 exercise and how predominant Digital Modes were, but unfortunately, no raw numbers were given so it could have been 10 stations that actually communicated for all we know. Usually, one does not hide good numbers... just saying.

K7JLJ Monitoring...

I will be listening this year though and being right next door to the Redoubt, I would expect that I'm in the heartland of the program so should hear lots of comms over their freqs during the T-REX 2019.

I've set my radios to monitor the freqs...

And will be checking in on the Nets at the appointed times, when I can between work.

I will follow up to this post after T-REX 2019 with my undestanding and impressions of AmRRON in general.

For now, if you are interested in more info, take a look at the SOI.v3 listed below. Normally you would pay $6.00 for this info, but their own words inside of it say that it's a system FREE to anyone.

There is a new .v4 due to come out after T-REX 2019 in Oct, but I won't hold my breadth as they said that it would be out 2 years ago also.