‘Abercrombie 36 points’ IBK Industrial Bank prevents Hyundai Engineering & Construction from 10 consecutive wins

Hyundai E&C aimed for a come-from-behind victory, but only scored 5 points in the 5th set.

In the professional volleyball women's division, IBK Industrial Bank stopped leader Hyundai Engineering & Construction from winning 10 consecutive games.

IBK Industrial Bank won with a set score of 3-2 (25-17 25-16 20-25 23-25 ​​15-5) in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women's Division match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction held at Hwaseong Indoor Stadium on the 23rd.

IBK Industrial Bank, ranked 4th with two consecutive wins, achieved its 10th win of the season (8 losses, 28 points). The point gap with third place GS Caltex (11 wins, 6 losses, 31 points) was narrowed to 3 points.

The winning streak of first place Hyundai Engineering & Construction (13 wins, 5 losses, 41 points) stopped at '9'. We had to take comfort in the fact that we gained 1 point and pushed out 2nd place Heungkuk Life Insurance (13 wins, 4 losses, 36 points) by 5 points.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Abercrombie was in full swing, scoring 36 points, including 4 blocking and 1 serving. Seungju Pyo also contributed with 18 points and Minkyung Hwang also contributed with 14 points. Choi Jeong-min and Kim Hyun-jung scored 9 and 7 points, respectively.

IBK Industrial Bank quickly accumulated scores from the first set with Abercrombie and Seung-ju Pyo taking the lead.

IBK Industrial Bank, which widened the score gap at 5-3 thanks to Abercrombie's consecutive scores and Choi Jeong-min's attack, gained a point at 13-7 thanks to Abercrombie's rearguard attack.

IBK Industrial Bank, which continued to lead the game, reached 20 points with Kim Hyun-jung's fast attack and beat Hyundai Engineering & Construction at 22-16 with Pyo Seung-joo's quick open and Abercrombie's sub-ace.

IBK Industrial Bank's trend continued in the second set.

IBK Industrial Bank, which had scored 4 points starting with Abercrombie's rearguard attack at 5-6, widened the gap at 13-9 with Abercrombie's consecutive scores.

IBK Industrial Bank easily defeated Hyundai Engineering & Construction's pursuit by scoring 4 points in a row at 16-12.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which was greatly shaken in the first and second sets, showed strength in the third set.

With scores from Wipawi, MoMA, and Jeong Ji-yoon, they ran away to 15-10, and maintained the lead at 16-14 with a block following Yang Hyo-jin's fast break. Hyundai E&C reached the set point at 22-19 with scores from Jeong Ji-yoon and Lee Da-hyun, and ended the third set with Wipawi's attack.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction also won the fierce fourth set.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction lost three points in a row at 15-15, but balanced the score at 18-21 with MoMA's attack and Yang Hyo-jin's blocking.

At 23-23, MoMA blocked Pyo Seung-ju's attack and scored the 25th point due to an opponent's error.

As we moved on to the 5th set, the flow fluctuated once again.

IBK Industrial Bank, which was on the verge of an upset defeat, quickly widened the gap to 9-1 thanks to Abercrombie's performance and the opponent's successive mistakes.

At 12-4, following Hwang Min-kyung's open attack, Hwang Min-kyung blocked MoMA's rearguard attack and took the win.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction MoMA scored the most points in the team with 19 points, but struggled, scoring only 3 points in the first set and 4 points in the second set. Yang Hyo-jin, who scored 17 points, including 5 blocks, could not prevent the team from losing.

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