toy train

Model train scales and track width

  • G–—1:25—1.75"
  • O–—1:48—1.25"
  • S–—1:64—0.875"
  • HO–1:78—0.625"
  • N–—1:160—0.375"
  • Z–—1:220—0.25"

Information on the real trains behind our models

  • Tyco Union Pacific "Omaha GP-20" diesel engine 5628 (model from 1970s)

Tips for maintaining/repairing model trains


Repairing model train motors
HO Seeker Tyco Forums

  • Use Gardner Bender Ox-Gard OX-100 on all electrical contacts
  • Use a Dremmel tool with wire polishing bit to polish contacts
  • Use Mag1 high temp disk break wheel bearing grease of the gears, do not use oil.
  • Apply one drop of oil to the end of shafts where thrust washers are. No more!!!
  • Can use baking soda with super glue to repair cracked gears because there baking soda causes the got to cure instantly. Fill a crack with solid baking soda. Add super glue on top. The baking soda makes cyanoacylate glues harden instantly.

Train history facts

  • Oldest steam train:
  • Biggest steam train ever:
  • Fastest steam train ever:
  • Biggest Diesel train ever:
  • Fastest Diesel train ever:


  • Fine grass
  • Foliage
  • People
  • Gravel (HO) - bird gravel
  • assembled buildings from eBay
  • Corn field
  • Foam sheets
  • balsa wood
  • grey brick wall
  • Grey roof tile like our garage
  • wood siding
  • grass mat
  • Spanish roof tiles
  • Mixed balsa wood
  • hardwood floors
  • base board
  • Train station
  • Pine trees
  • Other trees

Scenery construction

Building construction