My X-Band Repeater Setup
Published: 08.04.19

I have experimented with several versions of a "portable" X-Band repeater in the past, but they all failed the test.

The mission drives the gear.

I would have been time ahead to have stuck to that old .MIL saying.

I started with a briefcase full of Kenwood D700, several 12hr SLABs, a solar panel, etc. with the intent of leaving it in place for several weeks.

I soon found that the batteries could not handle the extreme heat inside the Pelican case even if placed in the shade. The ambient was near 90F and inside was 120F+ which quickly fired the two SLABs.

What I ended up with is a "Non-Dedicated" setup that I would throw in the pack to drop off as an extender when SIMPLEX was not making the trip any longer on VHF.

It consists of a TYT U8000E HT that is easy to program and because of it's battery eliminator, I can run it off my DIY (4S2P) 18650 battery that I made for the Yeasu FT-817. It puts out 11.8vdc and has two sets of batteries on board that provide 6400mAh per set.

Testing is on going for range and battery life at this point, so I will leave some pictures and finish this post when the results are in!