KIA coach Beom-ho Lee: “Aldred’s pitch is good Expect better pitching.”

New foreign pitcher Aldred struggled against Doosan on the 8th, allowing 6 runs in 3 innings.

KIA Tigers new foreign pitcher Aldred

KIA Tigers coach Lee Beom-ho (42) took care of Cam Aldred (27), who struggled in his first game in Korea.

Coach Lee Beom-ho said, "Aldred seemed nervous in his first appearance yesterday," ahead of the visiting professional baseball game against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 9th. “I will pitch better,” he said.

Aldred, a replacement foreign pitcher selected by KIA, made his KBO League debut against Doosan in Jamsil on the 8th, and struggled with 6 hits, 3 walks, and 6 runs in 3 innings, becoming the losing pitcher.

He blocked the game without allowing a run until the second inning, but he gave up his first run in the third inning after getting a timely hit from Henry Ramos, and came off the mound in the fourth inning without being able to get a single out count.

As the runners Aldred left behind also hit home, the number of runs for which Aldred was responsible increased to six.

Aldred threw 78 balls in his first appearance in the KBO League. He threw fastballs (21), the highest speed was 148 km/h, and he threw a mix of sinkers (19), change-ups (9), and curves (29).

Aldred, a left-handed pitcher, struggled more against right-handed batters (0.417) than left-handed batters (0.333) on the 8th.

Manager Lee said, “Yesterday, Aldred threw a ball that left-handed hitters could not easily hit. He will show his strength against left-handed hitters.” He added, “It remains a task to determine what ball combination to use when facing right-handed hitters,” highlighting Aldred’s pros and cons. I pointed it out.

Aldred appeared in only one game in his career in the major leagues, pitching one inning without allowing a run.

In the minor league Triple A, he played 87 games (28 starts) over 4 seasons, posting 12 wins, 14 losses, 2 saves, 9 holds, and an ERA of 4.66.

Playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates' Triple A Indianapolis Indians, this year's performance on the American stage is 1 win, 3 losses, and an average ERA of 6.88 in 9 games.

Since he has consistently appeared as a starter, the number of pitches is expected to increase to around 100 in the next game.

Manager Lee said, “Aldred’s velocity did not drop even after the number of pitches exceeded 70 yesterday,” and “We will discuss with Aldred the number of pitches for his next appearance.”

On this day, KIA selected Hong Jong-pyo as second baseman instead of Kim Seon-bin.

Manager Lee Beom-ho said, "Kim Seon-bin was removed from the starting lineup because he felt discomfort in his back," and added, "I said Kim Sun-bin can play, but I will not force him in. He can prepare as a pinch hitter."

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