Agenda Agenda

Hi. This page is just a quick outline of events I have coming up. I tend to use google calendar more these days so this might not be as up to date as it should be.

[Bank Holiday]

[Jobs] [Disco]

[???] [CoronaVirus]

==Agenda for [2021]==

★ [] Value of your reward* night is £41.91. REDEEM NIGHTS: Your stamps and reward nights have been extended until 31st December 2021. Book and complete at least one stay before the end of the year to ensure your expiry date is extended by another 12 months.

♥ 4th year [Anniversary]. [September].

==Summer 2022==

• [Hoppings] [Newcastle] June 2022.

[October] [2021] [Lilleys Party] (7 years old).

Cheryls Birthday. [Christmas Day] [Boxing Day]

• [NYE]


♥ [Valentines day], 14 [February] Mothers Day 2021

==[MOT] Expires [21/04/2022]== ==[CAR TAX Expires [24/04/2022]==

==Dates to confirm==

[2023] Holiday Abroad ???

==• [Florida] [2030] ?==

• [mexico]

• Thailand

[Pension] money can now be taken at 55. [Retirement] [up to]