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2019-11-21 Here's the full cover to Homo Satanis 2: The Devil Made Me Do It, as usual it's my husband Grzegorz Fital who have taken the photo! :) The book will be available within a few weeks on Amazon and through Swedish online bookstores!


2019-11-19 Check out my new video on YouTube, The Cut-Up Poetry Experiment, where I do exactly that: experiment with the creative, almost magickal cut-up technique to write poetry! :)

2019-11-15 I'm writing a lot, both for Medium but also, like this time, for Adventures in Woo Woo, Tommie Kelly's great page about his work in magic. My text Conspiracy Magic is available to read there now, and it's about my own unique, positive use of conspiracy theories.

2019-11-14 It's been a busy year, I've been in South Africa working, on Gotland - and island outside Sweden and lately being the editor-in-chief for a new Swedish paranormal show, but don't worry! Homo Satanis 2: The Devil Made Me Do It! is on it's way to the printer and will soon be available everywhere! Yay!

2019-04-19 Lately I've been very fascinated by the so-called Fatum theory, dealing with trying to "hack" the reality. Read my article on!

2019-03-14 The world needs more mugs, because mugs is what makes the world go round. So here's the mug you've all been waiting for: the offical Homo Satanis mug!

2019-03-02. A new very positive and glowing review at Goodreads!

2019-02-23. From today my account on Patreon is available for all to see and I hope to connect to some amazing people with it! I use it mainly for writing, essays and shorter texts, but also a video from time to time and other things! Welcome!

2019-02-20. I would like to see more reviews of Homo Satanis, so if you want to read a book on individualism/satanism/lgtbq related essays and want to give it an honest review on your blog, homepage, social media account, Goodreads etc, send me an email at and I'll send you a pdf!

2019-02-15. Today I made a video where I'm rambling about nature - and totally fails to get there! :D Made for the followers on my official Facebook page, but you're of course welcome to enjoy it also ;) HS!

2019-02-05. Another fine review on "This is a great book - warm and witty, with lots of good common sense scattered on top." - red it here!

2019-02-02. Sorry for my lack updates, but it's been a couple of busy months! A couple of very positive reviews/comments have finally showed up on Amazon, for example here, here and here! On Goodreads there's also a fine comment about Homo Satanis!

Also, check out my official Facebook page where there's a lot of activity, interesting discussions etc! Welcome!

2018-12-01. I'm a guest in the american podcast Testing Orthodoxy, where I have a very rewarding conversation with reverend Seth about christianity, the magic of forgiving - and of course a healthy dose of individualism/satanism! Listen!

My new book, Homo Satanis: How I Learned to Love Satan and Other Insights from my Childhood here , is finally out! You can buy it at, for example, and! You can take a look HERE which Amazon site is the cheapest.

"Sometimes only an apocalypse can bring change. But who could know this one would involve one of Sweden's most famous and beloved celebrities during the filming of a lighthearted reality show? Fred had no idea, that's for sure. But it gave him the opportunity to take charge of his own life and stop looking back in anger.

This is the true story of a life that started in the claws of the destructive and hypocritical Swedish Pentecostal movement and ends, through numerous insights, in the open-minded and loving philosophy of rational Satanism. It's about loving yourself and shaping your own universe, breaking free from the insanity of Christian and heterosexual norms and the importance of secrets, magic, mysteries and insights.

Homo Satanis: How I Learned to Love Satan and Other Insights from my Childhood is a collection of essays written in the aftermath of a personal apocalypse, where television freelancer, actor, author, movie geek and book collector Fred Andersson with brutal honesty shares his philosophy of life, universe and love."




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  • Homo Satanis (BoD, 2018) buy
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  • Flirtr (Gorgon Magazine, 2014)
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  • Råttattack (Oddbooks, 2010)
  • Bögskräck (Oddbooks, 2010)

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  • Who is Sam Pasco and why is nobody Talking about Him? (88 Films, 2017) buy
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