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> The MMX probe will depart Phobos & Mars orbit to make flybys of Deimos and return the Phobos samples to Earth in July 2029.

> Delivery of a Gateway station module.

> Refueling of the ascent element for Artemis 6.

> Refueling of Transfer element for Artemis 6

> Delivery of descent module for Artemis 6.

+> Artemis 6; SLS Block 1B crewed Orion MPCV launch to the Moon.

> Possible unmanned SLS/EM-8 DST logistics and refueling mission. Last SLS block 1B flight.

> Possible launch of Russia's Luna 29 Luna-Resurs-PS (South pole rover and sample-return) to the Moon's south pole on Angara A5/KVTK.