Last Chance Go-Box 2.0

Published: 03.01.20

This is follow up to the original Last Chance Go-Box which you really should read first to get a better idea of why the setup is currently as listed below.

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What's Changed?

So I've been busy lately working on my digital comms and how to better fit into the AmRRON model of grid-down communications, and in doing so I've pretty much come to the conclusion that digital is king! Unfortunately, it requires a lot of support equipment!

Equipment that I have setup in my HAM shack, but not stuff I"m willing to setup for a portable operating station at this time. Perhaps if I get a new field radio, but I don't plan on one anytime soon.

While the kit below only needs me to add my laptop and SignaLink USB to be on the air and operating digitally, I am not planning for that scenario at this time.

The FT-817 is strictly a last ditched backup to the TT-599 when it comes to digital comms, and only likely to see daylight if the Eagle were to die or I had to "bugout". So this setup is stored and not being used at the moment, but I keep telling myself that I will get going on SOTA activation's someday when time presents and with that and just "general portability" in mind, I tired to keep things simple and pack-able.

Unlike my previous attempt at having a quick setup, this one is a bit slower, but much easier to pack.

Previously I felt is was a waste to pack gear away for the SHTF scenario, but the reality of the matter is... I'm going to play in the HAM shack 99% of the time when doing digital modes and since that's all I've been doing for the past 6+ months, the portable rig doesn't see daylight.

The setup is still self contained, but with a smaller footprint in the battery department.

Components have not changed much from the previous post, with the exception of a voltage regulator for the Lithium battery system and a 84ft/17ft 9:1 unun and ZM-2 ATU tuner for 80M.


It just goes to show that you can plan, but you will always be changing things until the gear fits the "mission" which is always subject to change.