[Asian Games] “Dance with Each Person’s Personality… Please Enjoy Breaking Comfortably.”

‘Good tips’ for watching breaking games from B-boys and B-girls

"As each person's living environment is different, dance also has individuality."

The Korean Breaking National Team headed to the final battle site through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 3rd to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Breaking, which used to be an area of ​​'culture', was adopted as an official event in the Asian Games for the first time and entered the area of ​​'sports', so most people are seeing B-boys and B-girls and their games for the first time through broadcasts.

B-boys Kim Heon-woo (Wing), Kim Hong-yeol (Hong10), and B-girls Jeon Ji-ye (Freshbella) and Kwon Seong-hee (Starry), who will compete for the first Asian Games gold medal in Hangzhou, explained how they each enjoy the breaking game and the characteristics of the dance they show off.

Kim Heon-woo chose artistry amidst splendor as the charm of breaking.

Kim Heon-woo said, “When I first started dancing, I was just chasing flashiness.

It looked dynamic and cool (the technique),” and added, “But as I started dancing, what I realized more and more was that there was artistry in it.”

Kim Heon-woo, who said, “Breaking athletes have their own dances that did not exist before because they dance their own creations,” advised, “You can look at the dancers who dance their own dances to improvised music.”

He explained his acting by saying, "Because I have been doing breaking for a long time, I have a strong desire to express pretty dancing rather than roughness.

I dance to make every movement look like it was born again.

Pretty and high-quality dancing is what sets me apart." did.

Kim Heon-woo, who had already secured the right to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics preliminaries by winning the Asian Championships held in Hangzhou, China last July, did not let go of his nerves until the end.

Kim Heon-woo said, "Because of my personality, I am the type of person who checks my preparations right before the competition and then participates in the game.

Even now, I sometimes wonder, 'Am I really ready?'" and "Rather than trying to do too well, I think, 'Let's dance and come back.'

“I plan to play in the game,” he said.

B-boy Kim Hong-yeol also urged people to enjoy breaking ‘relaxed’.

Kim Hong-yeol said, "If you watch breaking for the first time, you may not know who dances well and how," and added, "People who each think they are cool are cool, and battles that people feel are fun are fun."

Regarding his B-boying, he expressed confidence, saying, "I worry about how I can dance well, so my dance will be more noticeable than other players'," and then added, "Please pray with all your heart."

B-girl Jeon Ji-ye introduced herself, saying, "I don't think power moves (highly difficult techniques) are my strengths, but instead, I show dance that highlights the harmony of various techniques."

Regarding the Japanese and Chinese players who are strong in the B-girl category, he smiled and said, "If I show what I have prepared well rather than a customized strategy against them, I will be able to win the right amount of points."

At the same time, he said, “I actually achieved my goal of reaching the quarterfinals at the last World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) World Series,” and added, “As I won a bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Championships, I will do my best with the goal of changing the color of the medal this time.” lost.

Seonghee Kwon pointed out that the point of watching Breaking is to observe the individuality of each Breaking player.

Seonghee Kwon said, "Breaking is a sport, a dance, and an art.

As each person's living environment is different, each person's idea of ​​the shape and form of dance is unique," and added, "The dancer's thoughts and ideas can be found in breaking." "he said.

He continued, “Rather than simply considering the splendor and difficulty of the movements, if you observe how each athlete expresses the melody, beat, and lyrics of the music through dance, and what movements each athlete likes, you will see more and more details.”

“Even if you do the same spin, you can compare whether you spin with your legs or hands, and what your speed is,” he advised.

At the same time, she said, "I don't have a lot of power moves, but I try to use my body more creatively," and added, "There is strength in softness in my dancing in that I try to use my emotions and move my joints, such as my waist and shoulders, in a variety of ways." did.

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