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I engage in dialogues with people about the problem of being human — and the possibilities afforded by alternative ways of being a (post)human, which may have a [therapeutic effect](http://johannesk.com/posthumanist/therapy.html). These conversations can be with individuals, couples, families, groups, communties or organisations - and/or they can take the form of a public performance (of sorts).


> For Richard Rorty (may I call him a postphilosopher?), it was not language or culture - or, for that matter, philosophy - but **conversation** that is humanity’s driving force. The point is to have the conversation, and *to be having* the conversation.

You can download or listen to a talk I gave in Liverpool (UK) in 2017 (when I was very tired) [here](https://archive.org/details/Posthumanistliverpool) and a performance (of sorts) I did at Unsound Kraków in Poland in 2016 [here](https://archive.org/details/johannes_klabbers_unsound_krakow). You can also download or listen to recordings of individual conversations that took place in Liverpool [here](https://archive.org/details/Posthumanistliverpool). (Recorded and uploaded with permission.)

I also do residences at festivals or other events, or informally: I come to your town and give a talk, you organise for people to come and listen and ask questions and over the following week or a few days, I work with some of these people individually.

> What is undertaken in the conversation (with another, with oneself, with the very pursuit of conversation) is the ever-renewed relationship of speech to the infinity of meaning that shapes its truth.
[Maurice Blanchot by Jean-Luc Nancy](http://this-space.blogspot.nl/2007/09/maurice-blanchot-1907-2003-by-jean-luc.html)

In my [book](https://scribepublications.co.uk/books-authors/books/i-am-here) there are stories about my work with people who are dying but I also have end of life conversations with people who don't want to live any more - and their families or loved ones.

I am currently based in The Netherlands but I'll work with people anywhere in the world if my travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed. Please [read this page](http://johannesk.com/travel.html) if you're thinking of inviting me.

Although it is not my preferred way of working there is also the possibility for conversations via Skype/FaceTime. This is mostly for people I have already worked with face to face at least once.

To arrange a conversation, [get in touch](http://johannesk.com/contact.html)...

My work is strictly not-for-profit. You or your organisation cover any travel expenses and costs of accommodation but I charge no fees and there is no obligation. Of course anyone who likes my book or thinks the work I do is helpful, can [make a donation](http://johannesk.com/donations.html) and this is greatly appreciated since I do seem to incur costs by living.

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